Dild help..!

I been trying it for about 1 month now!!
i do about 20+ rc per day
and i just dont have a ld
i try & try & try
what im doing wrong?
please help
Thanks you

Make sure you are not just doing RC’s. There has to be a meaning to it. It is better to first realise that you might be dreaming, and then check. Like when you are outside you ask yourself:“What if this is a dream?” and check it with a reality check.

This way when you are dreaming, you might think: “What if this is a dream?” and you will become lucid after checking. Also dont try to hard. Dont go to “it” let “it” come to you.

and if you get nowhere, u might want to try a tech. like WILD or MILD :neutral:

…with WBTB. I’ve had the same problem, but I just stopped doing RC. They just got in the way.