Disappearing Items Annoy Me...

More than once in my life i have dropped a small object, very small, say the size of a thumbtack or a pill. Well, when i go to pick it up, its completely disappeared! Im serious, its nowhere in sight. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Yes! That happens to me all of the time!

Here is my theory:

There are little Grimlins that try to make your life PERFECT! They put pennies on the ground so that you can find them. They put extra yu-gi-oh cards in your yu-gi-oh deck, so when you pull out that ultra rare card you ask yourself “I don’t remember buying this”. They also put a little extra pocket lint in your left pocket so when you’re bored you have something to play with.

BUT, there are evil Grimlins that try to stop the good ones. They trip old ladies down the stairs. They superglue the pennies to the sidewalk, so when you try to pick them up, you can’t. They steal that extra pocket lint out of your pocket. And worst of all…WHEN YOU DROP SMALL STUFF, THEY TAKE IT!

I have lost pencils, erasers, pocket lint that I have dropped, coins, you name it.

The two sides of Grimlins keep the good and the bad balanced. That way, life won’t suck. And life won’t be perfect!