Discord server for LD4all?

IRC appears to be a dying protocol, and the #ld4all channel on the chat4all server has been decreasing in activity for the past years… Yet the forum is still active

I suggest ld4all should start a Discord server to keep up with modern technologies and ways of communicating, and to be more welcoming to new members etc? I know there are various lucid dreaming servers around already, but they tend to be huge in size, making it impossible to really get to know each other as a tight community.

Hence I would prefer to have something specific for ld4all with invitations sent out to registered members only. Thoughts?

PS: one major advantage of Discord is that it keeps a chat history, such that members from different time zones can catch up on each other’s conversations and always have context available.


That is so true!I upvote the idea of ld4all having a discord server!I’m on discord everyday so of course it’d make sense.As well as you can make sure everything is posted there too!


We are actually in the process of setting one up (invite only atm) so if you want to be one of the first members (and also be active XD it’s very quiet RN XD ) then please send me a PM and I’ll get back to you


Nice, that’s good news!
For some reason I can’t send you a PM you though…? (it says Qu is not accepting messages)

Oh! Let me fix that

Oops, I had unticked a box in my profile XD
You can PM me now.


Wow,i would like to see an ld4all discord server!

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yeah,tbh,i think discord should really have one.As well as if you have a discord server,you can add bots from top.gg to your discord server and they can help moderate!


Great idea

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A barrier of entry is ALWAYS kind of good… Discord won’t be around long, just like ICQ, SKYPE or one of the other that has been erased from our present existance.
IRC is free and ultimately the same as discord + it has a barrier of entry.

The core issue you all want to adress is that @here we need to figure out how to keep the golden age going. Growth isnt the solution but an effect of that.

I am interested. My old username was Magic Qwan, I just didn’t feel like waiting on a new password.

If you are interested DM me for an invite

May I be able to ask when the server would be fully released?As in terms of posted here??

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Doing that now

I would be interested too :slight_smile:

Does it still exist? And has it been fully set up yet. It’s been a while :3

It still exists and still invite only

LD4all discord will go public soon :tada:
In the mean time if you are curious, dm me for an invite

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here you go folks