Discuss Your Past Lives

Has any body ever seen and “re-lived” their past life in a Lucid Dream?
I’d be interested to find out…
Ive had a dream where I caught glimpses into what I am certain was my past life…
My Dream:
I saw a lady about 20 years old, she was standing on a footpath with a man, who was talking to her. The lady, i am sure of it she was the one i was in a past life, i dont know how i realised that but it was like i just knew.
She had one of those bonnet hat things on, and one of the dresses that are really tight at the top, and boof out from the waist down.
It was night time and there was one or two carts on the road behind her. The streetlights were lanterns and they were dim. The lady stood against a brick wall of a building.
That is all that happened, it was really brief…

How can you tell that its not another dream? You might say about how you ‘just knew’, but that sortof thing happens in dreams alot. But anyway saying that it is possible, I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like that… :sad: . Alot of peoples experiences with salvia divinorum seem to go back to their past lives, maybe you’d like to look at a few of those?