Discussing with Logic

Hello everyone!
I’m new to this forum and this is my first topic.

I’m practicing ld for almost a year now. My reason is to explore and find out unknown sides of myself and unlock possible potentials hidden within me.

I have managed to talk with my subconcious and yesterday something new happened.
I was ld and I went to find him (my subconcious) again at “our place”. When I arrived, he wasn’t there. It looked like he was moving out and I got this feeling, an exciting and positive feeling, that he’s going to a much bigger place (can’t wait to find out where!). Instead, someone else was there. I asked where my subconcious was and she (the person was a woman) told me that before I can talk with my subconcious again, I have to talk with her. I asked her who she was and her reply was astounding; she told me she was my Logic!
My reaction was "logic? Like my brain’s left hemisphere’s logic? And she said yes.

Her aura and energy were so beautiful, so calm. It turned out this was my biggest ld so far. We walked and we talked alot, I asked about some things that trouble me lately and she gave me answers. Logical answers, of course!

Something funny that happened; her place, our place, was a place I had created with emotions and beautiful energy. I asked her if she liked it and she told me “nah, not really” and I was like “but of course, it has so many emotions.” and she laughed.

As you can imagine, I still can’t believe it. After a long walk, we headed to my house (my house, my room, is my safeplace) and when we ended our discussion, I gently waked up. I immediately wrote down everything, every little detail, in my ld journal.

My question is, is there anyone out there who have experienced this?

Does this mean that Logic is seperated from our Subconcious? Could Emotions have a form too and perhaps we could talk to them as well?
I’m kinda confused and at this period of my life, I’m looking for my next “teacher” to guide me.

I hope I didn’t got you tired with my long post and sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, english language is not my native language :smile:

Ha ha! Great dreaming, Serme. Of course, I don’t have any answers for you, but think it was an awesome dream…just wonderful :smile: If you find out more during your exploration and further discussions, please share with us!

First of all, welcome to the site. Secondly, apologies if any of the following is confusing. I have become quite familiar with the plural community over the years, and during that time I have run into many new ways of conceptualizing consciousness that you may find interesting.

One phenomena of note is daemonism, in which an individual communicates directly with their subconscious the way you do. I also know of several individuals in plural/multiple systems who function in a manner you describe, in which there will be one identity, with multiple aspects or emotions that are separate from the unconscious as well as the core self to a degree, but not so much that these aspects are an entirely separate consciousnesses from the core self the way, say, A and I are. So, for instance, an individual will have an aspect of themselves that represents their logical side, as well as an aspect of themselves that represents certain emotions, ad infinitem, and though it varies from system to system in many cases it is possible that these aspects can be communicated with directly. This phenomena is known as being median.

Granted, median systems and demians alike are like that day in and day out, not only when dreaming. It is interesting to see how these mechanisms overlap and differ outside of a plural context.


I’d imagine that any part of your mind could manifest like that, after all, it’s part of you, in your dream.