Disturbing Dreams, need some guidance.

Howdy LD4all!

Now, I have probably a common question. However I once in a blue moon, experience an uncomfortable disturbing dream. Mostly what I mean by ‘disturbing’ is, in a sexual manner. I don’t mean nightmares in general as a whole, just sexual based.

I don’t know where my mind gets these things, but it is really annoying. I am wondering if anyone else experiences this type of dream, as well as if I should record these types of dreams along with my others.

I appreciate all mature posts, thanks guys. :content:

You know that saying, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’?

Don’t let there be an absence :wink:

I would think most dreamers get this type of dream sometimes. ie inappropriate partners or acts you wouldn’t do in waking life.
For myself, i still keep a record of them. It is possible to record 99% of dreams or more in the LD4all DJ forum. Sometimes care just needs to be made with the choice of words or how much detail you use. It is also OK to just put ‘18 rated dream’ and not put any details at all :wink:

Well, I’ll advice you not to post anything you are not comfortable with.

But then again, you should post even dreams that are not only convenient

If I were freud, I would have told you that you have some sexual problems, but I don’t realy belive you do.

How about trying to incubate a sexual dream, either in an LD or in an RD, in which you do things the way you like? It might make it all go away.

I appreciate it guys, I actually have my own private dream journal I keep, I wouldn’t post such a dream for the public to read. Also, these types of dreams only happen ever so rarely. I plan on putting end to all my future nightmares as soon as I am able to LD, as of now though I must wait. :wink:

Feba, you said it best in that line. :content: Thanks guys.