divination in a dream

Changed topic title to ‘divination in a dream’ - originally just ‘Help needed’ :moogle:
Can you try to use divination in a dream and tell me if it works? :help:

I know this is an old post, but I have actually used divination in a dream before. Not lucidly, but almost in a prophetic sort of way. I’ll explain the dream and explain why it was prophetic in its own way.

I practice tarot reading along side my witchcraft. When I had first started working with my brand new cards, I dreamt about them for the next several nights. One of the nights, however, was particularly outstandish. I was at my current job, but it was eerily quiet. None of the machines were running, there were no other employees other than myself. I wasn’t dressed for work, however. I was dressed in my preferred ritual clothing. I had set up an alter on our computer desk, and I took out my tarot cards. I meditated on them for a little bit, shuffled them, then pulled the two cards that would help me. One of them was the Paige of Swords, and the other was Death. They floated up by themselves and hovered above either of my shoulders. When I turned around away from the desk and towards the hallway, I noticed an odd family of farmers just standing there watching me. One in particular was an old man, maybe in his 70s or 80s, holding a pitchfork, with overalls and a red shirt, and he was hunched over with his old age. He didn’t look happy or pleasant, but he made it clear he needed my help. I had to find either what was his son or grandson - Bennett. In my mind, I could see what Bennett looked like; a tall, lanky young man. He, too, carried a pitchfork (but a different one), and wore tall boots with his jeans tucked in, as well as a reddish/brown shirt tucked into his pants. He had short blond hair and wore either a ‘flatclap’ or ‘newsboy’ type of [brown] hat. I made a circle/pentacle/pentagram out of the materials I had around me in the cell, as well as lit some tiki torches in each of the 5 points. I laid down on a makeshift table I had made, and took out a velvet coin pouch. I noticed that one of the quarters I took out didn’t have a backside; it was just blank, and thus, I became lucid but very slightly. I remember someone else laying next to me then, and when I looked over, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was [color=blue]Roxy[/b] (you can read about him in my DJ, link in siggy). We grinned at each other, and he took out his own coins. We held each others’ hands as we laid completely flat with the coins on our eyelids, and we passed through to the other side. When we felt that we were on the other side, we stood up from the table. The two tarot cards were still following me around by my shoulders, as if they were protecting me or guiding me. We were still i the building of my work, however when we turned around I was shocked to see that half of the factory was missing completely, and was actually all wooded land. Roxy and I looked at each other and nodded, and we went off looking for Bennett. Eventually we had found him, and when we did, the family of farmers appeared in the distance, and Bennett followed after them. They looked back and thanked us with their eyes, and Roxy and I returned to the living side. The dream ended.

I did some research, and I found that most of my city is built over burial grounds - how pleasant, right? And the area I am in is not very populated, with plenty of farm lands around us. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was, in fact, a farm/burial grounds where my work stands now. I should look more into that, but that’s a loooooot of digging, if I even get any leads.

ETA: While this is a bit more paranormal obviously more than your typical divination, it’s still baffling to me that even in my subconscious state I was able to successfully pull the cards I needed to help guide me.