Divine Perceptions

Hello. First my purpose on this forum, then my experience with lucid dreaming.

I am a religious missionary. In fact a religious prophet. I am seeking people who are: intelligent, open minded, and who have an interest in firsthand spiritual experiences. The religion that I have created, known as Templism, is erudite (thus first requirement), bizarre and offensive (thus second requirement), and seemingly dry unless you are able to supply rich inner experiences yourself (thus third requirement).

Templism is the product of “divine influences”, certain compulsions that I feel, while writing, that are attributed in writing and in my own mind to certain traditional European gods (and, in at least one case, a Hindu god). My religious text, Templist Canon, can be located at Archive .org, where it is available in a number of colors as a PDF, as a Substack, or in paperback form on Amazon.

The text is extensive, dealing with every facet of life, prophecies for the future, and explanations of the past.

As for lucid dreaming: I do not have any formal understanding of it. I have maybe done it a couple of times by happenstance. While I am posting here as part of a larger push to proselytize on psychonaut forums, I might actually be interested in reading some of the things on here.

A recurring type of dream for me may be classified as quasi-lucid. In this type of dream, something bad usually happens. I am confronted with a hostile force, or some other object of a nightmare. Instead of letting the dream play out, I become overfilled with a pure will, so to speak, to destroy said object or nightmare, and at this moment I become conscious, not necessarily that I am in a dream, but that I can freely act within it and guide my environment to brutally massacre whatever it is that I don’t like. It feels interesting in terms of recurring dreams, because the motif does not feel “natural”. One usually has recurring dreams about things that occupy their subconscious mind, but the behavior in question does not feel like a facet of my subconscious, rather a dominance of my conscious mind that I can apply at will and would rather apply than suffer whatever horror from whatever nightmare. It feels as though my subconscious rebukes me, and says “no, you can’t do that actually, because this is a dream” and I just force whatever outcome I am made to feel is impossible, placing my will above any other limitation.

An example of such a dream is recorded in Templist Canon incidentally. In a section entitled: The Hindu Gods & An Appearance of Wotan. Not that such dreams are a part of Templism. The dream in this case merely happened to involve that element, while being an appearance of a divine entity who is given as the primary influencer of my work.