DNA Activation through the Dreamspell

The Codon Cube meditation is an application of the natural time science of the Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar, in which we activate the 64 codons of our DNA, through meditation and visualisation.

The 13 Moon Calendar is composed of 52 weeks, and thus divided into four quarters of exactly 13 weeks (that special number again). Since we are in the second quarter of the year, we enter a new stage in the telepathic activation of our DNA.

Each quarter we work with a new codon, in this day-by-day, week-by-week meditation. This quarter, we are working with the codon, expressing the essence of “Synchronicity”.

This information comes from a brochure produced by the Foundation for the Law of Time. I’m posting it here, in recognition that it may be difficult for those new to the Dreamspell/13 Moon Calendar to understand. Nevertheless, I believe it is interesting to know that such a practise exists, and may at least prove to be eye-opening, and of a more practical use further down the track.

On October 25 - Self-Existing Moon Day 8 we entered the 2nd quarter of the 13 Moon year.

If you look to the base of the picture above, you’ll see the map outlining the Codon Cube meditation practise for this quarter of the year.

  • The UR Rune for this 13-week quarter is the light green dot.
  • The codon for this week is represented by a “hexagram” - the pattern of 6 broken or unbroken lines, shown for Week 14.

Week 14
UR Rune 25: Time concentrates Cosmic Awareness
Codon 25: Synchronicity

October 25 - Self-Existing Moon Day 8
Lay the line. Visualise a red, unbroken line at the base of the cube.

October 26 - Self-Existing Moon Day 9
Build the binary. Visualise an orange, broken line at the right side of the cube.

October 27 - Self-Existing Moon Day 10
Create the triplet. Visualise a yellow, broken line at the left side of the cube.

October 28 - Self-Existing Moon Day 11
Establish the 4th. Visualise a green, unbroken line at the back side of the cube.

October 29 - Self-Existing Moon Day 12
Sound the 5th. Visualise a blue, unbroken line at the front side of the cube.

October 30 - Self-Existing Moon Day 13
Complete the 6th. Visualise a indigo, unbroken line at the top side of the cube.

October 31 - Self-Existing Moon Day 14
Meditate the rune at the center of the cube. Visualise the light green dot expanding from within the center of your heart in resonance with the cube. Now send your creation with pure compassion to all corners of the cosmos.

Any questions?


Forgive the stupid question… But what is DNA activation, actually?

It did help me understanding the surrounding contents. But I still need something concrete to understand it… Hmm, okay, some more questions then:

  1. Do I activate the whole DNA or specific parts of it at a time?

  2. Is there a way of activating any person’s DNA or does it vary from person to person?

  3. Lets say I do DNA activation… What exactly just happened to me?

  4. What can be achieved through DNA activation?

I would have figured you cannot apply mysticism to genetics, seeing as DNA was first discovered through a microscope and not by meditation. The body acts on chemical laws, and the most I figure one could attempt to do with meditation is to control the pituitary gland. I mean, that if there is a resonant frequency to activate DNA, it’d have to be a very high frequency. This is due to the fact that DNA is thin. I figure that this meditation does squat for the DNA, but it is the placebo of the mind. If you convice yourself that you are invincible, you will indeed be hard to stop…till someone uses a gun. That’s beside the point. I’m saying that the body runs of a largely automated process, and tissue can be grown apart from a dependency on humans or other creatures.

I’d like to see a scanning electron micrograph of the DNA of a person doing this meditation vs. one who isn’t. This is just as nutty as those Ummit letters that say that we have a string of krypton atoms attached to the end of our dna string. Ooops! Did I say that out loud?