Do binaural beats help when using the WILD technique?

Some background info: [spoiler]I’ve known about lucid dreaming for about 2-3 years, and in that course of time I’ve only had about 6 LDs. Until the last 3 days, I haven’t been trying any techniques to achieve lucidity. 2 nights ago I was bored on my bed and remembered about LDing, which I haven’t had much thought of for months. I decided it has been a long time since I’ve had one, so I decided to read some posts about it here on Ld4All and reddit. I was determined to have an LD since I missed them. So I did a reality check and went to sleep saying “reality check” in my mind. I woke up twice and each time, did a reality check. After the 2nd time, I went back to sleep and after about an hour(I’m guessing) I do a reality check and I’m lucid. I didn’t do much, but I did fly 30 ft above the air like superman, man of steel style. I put my fist on the ground and the wind rustled before me. The ground shook. I then was able to start flying before I dropped. I don’t remember much after that.[/spoiler]
So, earlier today I’ve come across some binaural beats that claim to help induce lucid dreams. Do any of you have experiences with the beats? Have they helped you with the WILD method?

I have had success at a sustained frequency of 6.3hz as well as anywhere between 3-8hz to assist in WILD.
I will usually start between 10-15hz and slowly taper down to low theta and then back to mid range.

My usual pattern would be something along the lines of 5 minutes hold on 13hz, slow decrease to 4hz, hold for five minutes, slow increase to 8hz and hold, slow decrease to 6.3 and hold that there for the remainder of the session.

The best success I have had with binaural beats in this regard is when combining their use with meditation and ॐ or other chants with harmonic intonation relative to the carrier frequency of the binaural beat.