Do brain wave generators really work?

Hi! Does anyone know if brain wave generators really work? I have tried to find information on it by going to the search box above, but couldn’t find anything on it. There is a website called which sells it for $39.95. But I really wouldn’t want to purchase it if it doesen’t work. Any replies or help will be very much appreciated. :content:

Well it does work a bit, but i wouldnt say its awsome…
But for alpha waves relaxation it sure is good!


Dont buy it.Im sure if you post that you are looking for it,someone will give you proper link for download.
take care
ps.ive looked through the posts,it was somwhere,but i cant find it atm.Maybe you have more luck browsing though some older pages…im sure there was some free version

you can download it as a trial version
the only thing you can’t do is import stuff

Hey if you want something that emits alpha waves don’t get this machine. The best thing to do is get some phycadelic trance music. This music emits alpha waves while also giving u some interesting music.

IF you do want to search for some psy.trance I would recomend sphongle, who is a DJ with some really good music which everyone can enjoy.

You can probably find a crack for bwgen somewhere. I would just suggest this Open Source brainwave generator, it’s freeware: . (Linux, Windows, Mac and DOS compatible by the way :smile:).
It’s a bit more technical, but there’s a lot of presets with it, and some batch files that executes it with the right parameters (it’s console-based).

sphongle Z? mm i search for him :wink:


does anyone no of a website which a crack bwgen program?
shadow weaver