do diffrent beds affect lucidy?

I like to sleep in the guest room some times (I uselly sleep on a mattress on the floor) I never don’t have a ld when Im in the guest bedroom, I always have 2 or more, once about 6. and on the mattress on the floor I have fake ld’s or very low level ones and only about 3 times a week.
latly the bed has been broken so I can’t sleep in the guest bedroom.
I know your thinking about telling me I get to sleep better in the guest bedroom but thats not true its more like the other way around?

i agree with you, i have slept for 2 weeks now in a different bed, in a different home, in a different country even and i have had quite a few lds here, while at home i had a dry spell.

So maybe when you sleep in a bed your not used to you have more lucid dreams, tonight I sleep on the couch and try it then.

well stress plays a big part in rather you will have LD’s or not. I know this for fact. When I stayed in Florida last year for a week, I had virtually no stress because i was on vacation and I didnt worry about anything. I had more LD’s then than any other time. I had about 1 per night. but here in Oklahoma I don’t have many. there is a stress factor when I am not on vacation. and ever since i got my new bed I have had a very low lucid dream rate. when i had my older bed I had a lucid dream about a week after i started reading about lucid dreaming. So i think the bed definitley plays a part in your dreaming. and also the stress factor. I know that when i have had a stressful day I can’t even remeber my dreams.

my first LD occured while I was sleeping on the couch for a night. Something I never do…

tke from that what you will…