Do dimmers work?

I’ve heard that light-switches do not work in dreams, but would dimmers work?

And also, I’ve heard a common dream-sign is when your teeth fall out, but what if you have braces?

Actually light switches do work, if you expect it to work that is :smile: I would believe this is the case with dimmers aswell.

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The best dream signs would be personal ones. Check through your dream journal, if you have one, and find reoccuring themes or ideas ect. Personally I find myself with strange hair and facial hair quite often. And Welcome! :tongue:

I agree with Raging Canadian!

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“Actually they do work, if you expect it to work”

But i don’t understand, when I try to switch ON light switch in a dream then of course that i expect it to work and that the light will turn on! then why most of the times it does not work although that i DO expect it to work? (becouse i’m sure i’m awake in the real world and i know it should work).


These are the things that has a tendency not to work for some reason.This and digitall clocks are said to be most often fail us if we dream.Why?we dunno…but the occurance of those things happening drove some people to put it in between the rules.
But like said above…personal ones are better way to go:)

light switches work fine for me except in the occational nightmare. I’ve never had a dimmer swittch in a dream at all however so who know whether they would work for me lol.

Probably wouldn’t make any difference – you still could dream that your teeth fall out b/c you could dream that you don’t have braces … or the braces fall off with your teeth.

(Darn … I hate it when that happens! :grrr: )