Do false awakenings mean I'm closer?

Background: I had numerous Lucid Dreams as a kid. My faith and understanding are fully there. I have even had a couple since I started retrying, however they lasted VERY VERY short with an intense burst of rainbow lighting… weird???

Okay to the point. Do false awakenings mean I am closer to attaining lucidity?
Last night I had what I think was my first false awakening. I was getting out of bed and using the restroom, as like every morning, and I performed a simple reality check by thinking about dreaming as I was waking up in my dream.

Does anybody know, or can anybody tie false awakenings with progression towards Lucid Dreaming. Any first hand accounts, information, anything???

I wouldn’t say that FA 's are a sign of you being closer to a lucid dream.

So you did a RC during the FA? What was the result?

You might want to look more deeply into how you perform a reality check, it’s obviously not working if you can do it in a dream without being tipped off.

In my experience, my first FA came after my first few lucid dreams.

But to answer your question, it does mean you’re close… in fact, you will have a LD tonight!

It means you are close IF you now make an habit of doing a few RCS EVERYTIME you wake up :thumbs:

Indeed, if you do an RC every time you wake up, you’l be able to catch FA’s and turn them into LD’s.

Makes sense, appreciate the input. My mom has had 2 Lucid “realizations”. Her first in her lifetime, just after me mentioning it. The crazy thing was, she even performed the same RC as me. Realizing our dog had already deceased. Weird… Back to the FA s I know I am at least slightly closer. And the fact I have already experienced them before helps. Thanks again…