Do I do reality checks too much?

I really want to have lucid dreams so I have been doing RC’s a lot. I basically stare at my hands every 3 seconds and really wonder if I am dreaming and make sure that I am awake so I don’t miss a LD. I have almost been constantly doing reality checks and I probably look very weird. Am I doing RC’s too much or can you not do them too much? :eh:

As far as i’m concerned the more RC’s I do the better. Although I rarely become lucid when I do a RC while dreaming.

To be honest, when you are just starting out, I think doing reality checks is one of the most important things to get going and lucid dreaming. Less how I knew that it was finally working and really made a breakthrough was by doing lots of these tests is much as I could.

If you have to ask, probably. Try to not “burn out” after a few days or weeks and get yourself on a consistent schedule.

More than doing a single RC every three second, I would advise spending more time at each RC: look around you, look for possible dreamsigns, observe what is happening around you, observe your location and compare it to your mental map, look for writings and read them twice, count something twice, look for unusual or out of place stuff, etc.
In my opinion, this process can really enhance your awareness…

As DTD said the more the better. At the same time like Genghis said, you’ll also need to slow down and take in the environment. Both quality and quantity are crucial. Ask critical questions (What was I just doing? How did I get here? Etc.). Always remember why you RC, do so with a purpose genuinely wondering whether or not you’re dreaming because its part of the conditioning process.