Do LILD's really work?

Hi all! My first post here, I’ve been reading the forum for a few months.
So first of all… HI! :grin:

I want to ask the pro dreamers if LILD really works, I mean when in the middle of a LD you ask on of the DC’s to come back during normal dreams and ask you to do a RC.

Did anyone succeed becoming lucid with LILD?


Welcome Eggman :smile:

I’m no pro, but I would like to answer anyway.

I once asked my brother in a LD if he would tell me in my next dream that I’m dreaming. It didn’t work, but my brother was somehow dumb in the dream, he didn’t really understand what I wanted … i think that’s the reason why I failed.

I think it’s important that the DC’s really understand what you want them to do, so it would be a good idea to ask them several times, and maybe explain it to them, if possible in a simple way. It also would be a good idea to ask more than one DC to help you, maybe the ones you often see in dreams (like family, friends etc.).

I think LILD is a great method and I’m sure it works.

Thanks Veccolo!

I’ve already asked a DC in my LD last night to remind me to perform a RC whenever I’m dreaming. Let’s see what happens over the next few nights…

bump I need to know this for the wikibook. I think I may remove the contribution if truly nobody has found that it actually works.

Don´t know the page, but I am pretty sure that Stephen LaBerge wrote something about a woman who managed to meet up with a DC in her dreams.

I knew there was someone who already had some success, here is what the user “imagine” wrote a while ago in this forum


Ive never heard of this one before, but its really cool, you could just sit back and relax and get lucid all the time…I’m gonna try that next time…just have to wait till i become lucid again!