Do lucid dreams ever stop being fascinating?

I am chiefly asking those of you who have had lucid dreams for a fairly long time - do lucid dreams ever stop feeling amazing?
Do you ever take them for granted and just think of them as decent entertainment?
I’m asking because it seems to me like lucid dreams have no real “expiration date”, and could possibly make you feel high every morning for years.
What long-term effects do they have on your life in general?

I like you’re post… but I would like to know answer on your question: “What long-term effects do they have on your life in general?”
I know some people compose music, draw and many other things… But did you have some benefit od LD’s in WL??

I think he means the happiness effect in the morning when you realize you just had a lucid dream.

But yes, dreams in general can have a great impact on art.

And not only art, here is quote form book of Stephan LaBerge, another doctor talk about his benefit of LD’s:

“I discovered in high school that I was a lucid dreamer when I learned that I could study complicated mathematical and geometry problems before going to bed and discovered that I was able to solve the problems when I awakened.
This phenomenon followed me through college and medical school. When I was in medical school, I began to apply my sleep-solving abilities to medical problems, quickly running through the questions of the day and usually finding useful solutions or useful additional questions in the process (even today I will occasionally wake up at 3: 00 in the morning and call the hospital to order a special laboratory test on a problem patient, the possible solution of which had occurred to me in a lucid dream). At this point, the greatest use to which I have been able to put this facility is in the practice of surgery. Each night before retiring I review my list of surgical cases and I actually practice these cases in my sleep. I have gained a reputation for being a rapid and skilled surgeeon with
almost no major complications. This surgical “practice” has allowed me from the very beginning to constantly review the anatomy and to refine and polish technique by eliminating unnecessary motions. I am presently able to perform most major complex procedures < 35 percent to 40 percent of the time taken by most off my peers. (R. V., Aiken, South Carolina)”

And there where many other’s, but I would like to hear you’re experience!!!

I’ve heard from people who have been dreaming lucidly for a long time that they never run out, one of the reasons is that it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible to “overuse” lucid dreams and that anything you can imagine can be in a dream thus something new always pops up.

You have gone way too much off topic. Laurelindo just asked if the high in the morning ever stops.

Yeah, I would imagine that once you are able to pull off lucid dreams most nights then the quality of your whole life would probably improve by hundreds of percents. :tongue:
I mean, since you are able to live out pretty much anything you can imagine and thus relieve yourself from those needs in real life as well.
To me lucid dreams seem like the ultimate form of pure bliss.

I would say they are the “ultimate form of pure bliss”, but yes, they can help in life much.
It just depends on how do you want to use them. If you want to use them only for fun, then there’s no much improve except the euforia in the morning. But, if you use them to test out life situations, and some other productive way, that they are very much helpful.

Its just like any other good thing in life, if you use it shallowly, you will only get short-term euforia or happiness.

a normal dream , when lucid, is very fascinating, it is created from a place mysterious to most , and so the information in it can be explored with the lucid mind

a lucid mind controlling thing sis the same mind that is here right now, and so it might not find satisfaction in its experiments, or it might revel in joy and delight , i would like to understand a bit more about that last statement , !

I know two occasions when they’re rather annoying.

  1. One of my friends hates dreams in general, he likes falling asleep and waking up as if no time had passed… but when dreaming it feels like he’s slept less (he’s a slacker)
    He had about an LD a night at that point.

  2. My case: When you remember having them once to twice a week and you are suddenly unable to have one… (I once had three in one night! Now I’m down to one every two months or so)

Sorry to burst any bubble :shy:

/me is just frustrated with dreaming at the moment :grrr:

Im in same situation as Download now, after the RL issues the dream level still lies low, and I dont have the motivation to improve my Lucidity once again :sigh: one day Ill have my Lucidity back to normal though I hope :grin:

Although I have never had a LD before, I’m sure that every LD can be fascinating in one way or another.Because you have endless of things awaiting in store for you, so many things to do,places to visit,etc etc. So I think it can never stop being fascinating, its a very interesting ability to have, if you ask me

My first lucid dream came at the age of 5 or 6, and felt like discovering a second, magical world. Now, almost 30 years later, lucid dreams still make me very happy! It is a completely safe place, the freedom and privacy is unmatched.

We all change through life. Some interests are life long, but many things are more interesting at different stages of life. Simply because it varies so much what we like to do in real life, it also varies in lucid dreams. Every time I learn something new, it adds something to my lucid wishlist.

So for me, the answer is no. They don’t ever stop being fascinating. :cool:

No :happy:

As long as possibilities remain endless, Ld’s remain fascinating.

Most of the ones I have these days are unpleasant. There are reasons for that that are much too involved to go into here. But it’s something that most people won’t have to worry about.

The thing is though, what do you think lucid dreams are for? Or perhaps more specifically, what do you think you can do in them? Is there perhaps something you can accomplish in them? Is there any kind of knowledge you might be able to gain in them? Or are they just entertainment?

This is a great question. I am new. But i am extremely excited to have a LD!

I lucid dream practically every night and I can say from experience, it depends on how you use them. Yeah, the initial bliss I got from getting lucid went down over time, but that’s not to say I don’t get happy when I become lucid. It’s just more expected.

As for the actual happiness within the LD’s, it depends on how creative you are. I sometimes use LD’s to compose music or try new things, and if there’s one thing that’s never diminished, it’s the sense of accomplishment and happiness on taking something from the dream, whether it be a piece of music, art, a new feeling, or even discovering something new about yourself. Lucid dreaming has never ceased to fascinate me. There is an endless abundance of things to experience.

Though like with any good thing, sometimes I do take it for granted and can occasionally find myself bored feeling quite uncreative. :razz:

I say you can learn things in lucid dreaming that you can’t learn any other way.

It is necessary to keep updating your to do list to keep things exciting. You don’t want to end up doing the same stuff over and over, so it’s important to memorize your list and be creative.