do lucid methods work in real life situations??

okay… you know how looking at our hands… rubbing them… spinning around… and any other method that works to help keep our lucidity in dreams…

maybe this idea has came up before… i’m not sure because i haven’t seen all the topics in this form…

but what if you are drunk…, or high., or even just nervous…

would looking at your hands,… rubbind them etc. --the methods that help keep our lucidity…make us feel normal/better??

just a thought…

i doubt it. but never being drunk or high, I can’t tell you.

if you believe it then it is possible it may work (purely placebo effect)

worth a try.

but when your high you might turn around, say you can fly, then jump off a brigde. so i wouldn’t suggest trying it outdoors.

Spirituallucidity ehm meditative breathing beats looking at your hands any time in rl!


yeahh thats true Jeff

insane_goth wrote:

no… i dont mean performing actions that you would do in lucid dreams…

i mean just getting back sober…,

yeah i kno…, it may seem like a stupid idea :neutral: …but hey,the methods have an effect on your dream mind, so it must do something to your subconcious…right? :eh:

We should then try splashing our faces with cold water or taking a shower as a lucidity stabilizator.From this side it would be easier to get asnwers.
Neat idea btw…im going to try all my “get sober now” methods from real life(if i can think of any…i usually try opposite:) and implement them to ld.
take care:)

cool Jack… i never thought of doin that the other way around…

water usually helps make me sober when i’m high…, so maybe it can be my ’ lucid awareness drink ’ ??

will try that… thanks for the idea

Very interesting question, but I don’t think you can interchange states of mind that easily. Let’s look at lucid dreaming. The more you concentrate on the dream, the more stable and vivid the world will appear. Rubbing your hands, or otherwise stimulating your senses will usually help to enhance this concentration, and will then prolong the dream.

Being drunk or effected by drugs is not so much a matter of concentration, but rather an intoxication physically affecting your brain. Becoming sober isn’t a simple process of redirection your focus to the world around you, which is generally the case with dreaming. You basically just have to wait for the inhibiting substance to leave your bloodstream.

As for being nervous… again I think it’s a slightly more complicated issue. There may be mental activities you can exercise to reduce intimidation leading to a major event (perhaps a large-scale performance or reading) but those would undoubtedly differ from the popular LD stabilization methods.

Sometimes, when IRL, the world begins to fade, I rub my hands together and the real world comes back into focus. This only happens though when I’m lost in the forest, and it’s cold, so cold, and I don’t have a jacket… so very, very cold. And I feel sleepy… just want to… lie down… So cold… Maybe I should just close my eyes for a second… cold… rubs hands together - Hey, I need to find my way out of this place! :happy:

I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t, next time you’re annoyed with someone, just close your eyes and make them disappear? Or fly away?

Not sure if you were joking or not, but being high hardley affects your judgement in that sense, if at all. If anything, you’re much more apt to think you can ‘fly’ when drunk, which is proven to be detrimental to good judgements.

Thanks for addressing that particular statement so I don’t have to. :happy:

Hey Spiritual Lucidity,

I know that mental distorted people sometimes rub their hands, or rub the table with their hands. They do this for a long time… It makes them feel comforable, I guess.
So I think you´re right about these things making you more comfortable in real life.