Do psychic powers in LDs

I decided I should plan ahead what to do in lucid dreams instead of just exploring and flying. I decided I want to try to have telekinesis and also ask dream characters about my subconscious mind.

Any ideas of how to remember to do this and also how?

Asking DC questions sounds really interesting and fun to explore. I haven’t really done that besides asking normal questions pertaining to the story, I should attempt that as well.

Telekinesis is absolutely one of the BEST abilities you can have in dreams. It allows for so much possibilities and is also very useful and exciting. Have you been able to do it in previous dreams? I don’t know exactly how to explain the way to do it besides a couple of important things to keep in mind:

You have to believe in your mind that you’ll be able to do it (Lift objects, throw them). As long as you know you can do it, the size of the object shouldn’t matter.

Using your hands is also important, and will help. I don’t mean actually touching the objects, but to move your hands around, following the object that is in the air, and pushing your hands forward in a throwing motion etc. Things like that. Just like Scarlett Witch does in Marvel comics/Movies.

There are a lot of variables and situations when using TK so you can try out different methods and use one that best suits you. TK is the main ability I have/use but even then, occasionally it doesn’t work so don’t get discouraged if the first few times you can’t do it. Even as recently as a few hours ago a dream I had involved getting into a TK fight with someone on a higher ledge than me, we were throwing objects at each other and it was intense. One thing also is TK is similar to Psychokinesis, which you should try and learn as well. A lot of abilities fall under that term. Pyrokinesis is one of them, that’s the ability to conjure fire and things like that.

You should post an update after your attempts, it would be great to see your results. Maybe you’ll become Scarlett Witch of the dream realm! Haha.

What is psychokinesis?

My only ld power is flying and sometimes conjuring money into my pockets

Psychokinesis is moving stuff with the mind, while Telekinesis means moving things a distance or “far off”. They practically mean the same thing in most situations or examples. But if you go further into Psychokinesis, subsets include levitation, psychic healing, materialization, pyrokinesis, telekinesis and a few other ones that wouldn’t be important in dreams.

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Conjuring money into your pockets would be materialization so that can be considered a psychic ability. That’s good that you’ve already experienced and have done that before so you have a knowledge of it. When lucid again you can imagine creating something else, maybe a larger object or of more importance to see how well you do with that kind of ability. That can be useful and fun to do just like TK :slight_smile:

If you want to remember what you wanted to do in a lucid dream, then you must not look for the answer within the dream but within waking life. Set mantras about your intentions, something like: “The next time I am lucid I will practice telekinesis.” Think really seriously about this when you are preparing for a lucid dream. Also, each time you do a RC, follow it up with a rehearsal of your plan: What exactly are you going to do and how? What will the result be? If you do this each time you RC, then the next time you RC inside a dream you will follow this habit very likely and also think about your plan and ideas. Et voila, you brought them into your dream consciousness.

As to how to do telekinesis, I think Low_Stratify has already given some hints. I don’t do telekinesis very often myself in dreams, so I don’t have any particular practices that I can recommend. Only in general I find that if I intuitively wish for something, then it almost always comes true with ease. I guess the playfulness of a child is a congenial to lucid dreaming.

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