Do RC have to become a subconsious habit?

I recently learned about LD’s and want to have them but I have a question, when practising RC do they have to be done subconsciously like say afte a month of doing perhaps 20 a day and only when you do them subconsciously will you dream about them?

Or will even doing them consiously still take them over to the dreams.

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Well, I do my RC a few times a day. I just check on reality and the habit of doing so should be taken over in your dreams.

I guess the timing is important. Try to find the repetetive things that occur in your dreams. If you dream alot about candles (just giving an example) than everytime in RL you come across a candle you do a reality check. It is most likely that you will perhaps do a reality check in your dream when you see a candle.

In RL is good to do RC when you wake up and just several times a day. Then ofcourse you should try and practise WILD, MILD and WBTB. Seems like the best way to become lucid :3. I haven’t experienced it alot myself, but that’s how I think it will improve lucid dreams.

I would say that RC should, in order to work in a dream, not be subconscious! If you do RC’s out of habit you will also do them in a dream, but you wouldn’t get lcuid because you don’t really think while doing it. If you want a RC to work you have to think consciously about the outcome. I do my RC’s when something out of the ordinary happens or when I am in an setting that I also dream about a lot. That works well for me.

I would say no, it should be completely the opposite - conscious habit. Even though making it subconscious habit the chances of making RC through out the day is bigger but like Ansie said it could be mindlessly done RC…

But if you do RC correctly - really check your reality then actually isn’t important whether RC is conscious or subconscious habit, at least in my opinion…

In my case, I’ve made a subconscious habit of questioning reality and therefore doing a RC, but I’ve found that sometimes I do RC’s mindlessly, even in dreams (not always, thankfully)

I try to do them consciously but I always forget :sad:

Before doing an RC, you should ask yourself “what you are doing”, and “why are you doing that”. <- my own suggestion, it’s an easy way to rise awareness.

Then actually believe that the RC will tell you that you are dreaming. <- LaBerge’s recommendation. If you believe that the RC would tell you that you aren’t dreaming, it may do so inside a dream as well.

Now do the RC itself. Do you see how it shouldn’t be something done subconsciously?

Yeah, I agree with you guys, look - in your dreams there are many many things that SHOULD help you become lucid, like flying or seeing a dragon in front of your school. But in nearly all of your ND’s you do NOT become lucid. Why? Because subconscious take it as a normal thing. So, thinking logically, if doing RCs will be done subconsciously you won’t belive them that it is a dream.

So, always do RCs consciously when you see something strange + when you see your Dream Signs, and combine WBTB with MILD and WILD and I’m SURE that you will have many many lucid dreams.

Good luck! :smile:

I may only be reinforcing the popular opinion here, but NO, it should not be a subconscious habit. The dreamworld is subconscious. If it is your subconscious habit to put on a seatbelt when you enter a vehicle (as it should be), this will be a routine part of your dream that will pass without notice, because it is your subconscious that runs your dreamworld.

It should be sort of a habit. It should be something you know that if you don’t concentrate on, you’ll forget. Like walking out the door without your sunglasses, or wallet/purse. Something you know if you’re on autopilot, you’ll suffer from. If you learn to develop new positive habits (and hey, that’s its own reward) is exactly the kind of mindset that should allow a person to effectively use RCs - in the waking world, and the dream.

So resist going on autopilot for this, and making it feel routine. Every RC should be a mental rebellion against the routine. Sorry if I’m getting overly dramatic, I just found this board today, and kinda like it. :smile: