Do supplements REALLY work for Lucid Dreaming?

where are these supplements sold? do you know what psychiatric medications that can make us have more lucid dreams or more vivid dreams?

I’m not sure if I’m more curious as a dreamer or as a horticulturalist! I’ve never heard of something like that on either side. Please do tell me more ahah

do you know what psychiatric medications that can make us have more lucid dreams or more vivid dreams?Blockquote

Reality incoming. Read or don’t, but don’t blame me for a bursted bubble. Psychatry and their medications focuses on disabling the mind broadly (in their propaganda just parts of it), not enabling or putting it into overdrive.

“What substance is approved by science”

HTP-5 is practically the next best thing to melatonin, as a good part of it will be converted into melatonin inside the body - and in the maximum recommended dosage (don’t take more please, honest.) will be enough to make your dreams very vivid. If you want to learn more about biochemistry then I’d recommend you learn what a precursor is, what serotonin is and what we know about it and what melatonin is and what we know is. Have fun learning

The thing you really have to pay attention to, is to take these fragile sensitive precursor hormones only after a good, just the right size meal or your body will destroy the medication upon ingestion. HTP-5 is readily avaiable on Amazon. I like a product that also contains L-Tryptophan (and some vitamins which are also in fishoil which is commonly recommended) because as I understand it the tryptophan will only be converted into an active substance by the body if there isnt already a big surplus going on, so you won’t get fidgety fever dreams.

Keep in mind, you can’t dream on substances alone. Experience something, challenge your mind and face the institutionalised world with a hard shell that doesnt cover yourself up. That should always come before anything

That’s why I said: I don’t recommend using any substance or supplement to enhance dreams. From my experience it’s not worth it! Sorry if my message came out too alluring.

ok i agree that psychiatric meds are bad and disable the mind. but without them i would have demonic voices and panic attacks. Since I can get them easily, I just was thinking there might be some that can help me lucid dream! They are just a tool. Im not a slave to them.

indeed they are a tool, but there will be at least 1 method to help you dream without the need of supplements, happens to everyone i know, perhaps just, you havent found it out yet.

i have lucid dreams like 7 in 4 days then I go months without any!

I’ve heard and read good reports on vitamin b6. I’d put my faith in that one before bed. Huperzine A I have tried and have some and I don’t know for sure how much of an effect either one have but I’ve used both. My dreams are already quite intense and I always have lucid dreamed for quite some time. There was a time when sleep paralysis took control. Now I’m better off but it was a nightmare. I don’t know, think about b6 and do your research on that one for sure, nootropics that make you smart and remember your dreams better may help you in your case. Peace and love, be well all.

Oh yea, one more thing I’ll add on here and edit to piece this together better. Magnesium Glycinate I may use with my b6 to increase the potential of the b6 and it’s effects. Okay good luck, do your research. Good sources.

ZMA is a combination of vit b6, magnesium and zinq. It creates strange dreams for many, because they sleep more deep/better. So I guess that is the explanation for it.

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