Do supplements REALLY work for Lucid Dreaming?

Do supplements REALLY work for Lucid Dreaming?
Does Melatonin, 5HTP, Galantamine, Huperzine-A, DHEA, Vitamin B6, etc… REALLY work for Lucid Dreaming?
Do they REALLY work?
Which one’s are the best?
Any others that might also help?
Opinions please?
What is your DIRECT experience?
Thanks in advance,

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You know every medicine is a type of drug, well nearly. My brothers friend has tried out with this but its pretty much the same as no medicine at all. In fact, it is the same.

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(I don’t have experience with any of these supplements or really any of the medical knowledge to speak super intelligently on this, so I’m just speaking on what I have gleaned from others in all my reading over the years. However,) I think it’s important to know that supplements are just that: supplements.

They do no and cannot replace any of the other work that goes into lucid dreaming (keeping your journal, developing a lucid mindset, etc). They are intended to be supplementary to the work. And what I mean by that is that if you do nothing other than take supplements then I doubt you’ll have/remember lucid dreams. You still have to put in the work.
I read an analogy that compared lucid supplements for a dreamer to protein shakes for an athlete. Protein shakes aren’t going to help an athlete build muscle if they don’t work out, the same can be said for the lucid supplements: they won’t help you if you don’t already put in the work.

From my understanding, the supplements might give you a little bit of an extra edge if you’re close and have the good habits in place.
I’m going to tag @i_am_asteria because I think she knows more on this topic than I do as far as the effects of specific supplements.


I agree completely with @Splash

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9/29/20 I tried B6, Melatonin, and 5HTP (What I had lying around already) and it knocked me out. I did wake up 5-6 hours later and did WILD/MILD technique and achieved SP, Hypnogogic, mini-movies, flashes, images, colors. All slightly longer and more discernable than previous sessions. Experienced partial “Floating”, but did not achieve separation. Also did meditation and self-hypnosis for relaxation, dream recall, and RC.

It might just be the same as nothing

WOW that is a lot to try all at once!
I would try one at a time, that way you find out what’s helpful (as in, if you had success how do you know which supplement was helpful if you took several?) and maybe it won’t knock you out aha.

I used vitamin B6 for years and noticed significant change,Definitely does work…In the dream I drank a super dream potion ,that reflected my waking experience of taking the vitamins

Melatonin too I have used consistently…It makes you sleep more than dream…It puts you to sleep

I’ve had a lot of success with B6 and galantamine. I use the galantamine once a week on the weekends with choline. Both are amazing. B6 increases vividness so much that you may have a DILD. Galantamine gives me WILDs.

I have been using melatonin. For a few months now. I manipulate my sleep some nights i take 5 mg some nights 10 mg some none. I cant really tell the difference yet.

I want to ask my psych for something for sleep. what should i ask for?

Last night I took Galantamine while wearing a nicotine patch, I had 7 lucid dreams. Thats almost as many lucid dremas as I’ve ever had in my life. They were the most Vivid, cognizant, and amazing dreams Iv’e ever had.

So yeah, Only one night so far but I thik they work. :grinning:

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@lolwut Yeah Galantamine is a hefty one.

Used to combine Valerian root, HTP 5, and Galantamine with a few other things. I believe Galantamine itself is enough to get the job done, but just know when you combine these you’re gonna have pretty intense dreams and may wake up feeling a bit hungover/dehydrated. Likely because I took a higher dose than recommended. Personally I thought it was worth it, but only do this on days where you can sleep in til about 2pm. And take the supplements during the WBTB phase, record, and etc.

Most memorable dreams here with Galantamine:


Aside from that a nootropic called Alpha Brain from ONIT, can produce some pretty vivid dreams. Its initially used for memory/cognition and focus. From my experience its more potent than Ginkgo. Usually not as psychedelic or intense as having Galantamine in the mix, but it spares you the hangover feeling the next day. It may take a few days for the dreams to kick in or notice the difference in recall.

Supplements are 1 of a kind.I do not think they work,personally because I have not tried yet but my friend has said it does not work.

Maybe specific supplements what many people said here,they maybe do work.

To me,for me to get lucid quicker,i listen to music.So i do not really do with the supplements

I have tried choline and galantamine and I can attest that THEY DO WORK but you have to use them correctly and space your lucid dream attempts–no more than 2 or 3 times a week. You should take 4 mg galantamine and 300-600 mg choline about two hours before you have to get out of bed in the morning. I have had about 100 lucid dreams and almost all of them have been assisted by these chemicals.

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Well I guess some theories work eh?

@Vadzimu Whats the recipe for super dream potion? What ingredients would you try for recreating it? Can you remember the taste?

I guess the dream potion would contain the galantamine bulb ,.,entada rheedi,and Calcea Zacateria…Silene capensis .LOL :slight_smile: It was just a dream potion.

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I need to know for my book, please tell @Vadzimu

I think they needa figure it (the concept)out first.