Do uneven sleep patterns reduce your chance to become lucid?

Right now I have distant studies at college, which allows for pretty random sleeping habits - I will often stay up by the computer surfing around until 3-4 AM, then sleep until anything between 9 AM - 13 PM.
Does this somehow lower my chances of becoming lucid?
I know it makes it harder to predict when you wake up, but does it hurt your success rates any more seriously than that?

It’ll probably make you more likely to have an LD.

Not really. Some extra sunlight during those morning hours might even help. For most techniques it only hurts if you get too few hours of sleep. If you’re trying WBTB, then you only have to figure out after how many hours of sleep you’re most likely to be in the middle of a REM-stage.

It really doesn’t matter, as long as you have a schedule and sleep enough, be it during the day or at night.

Keep in mind, however, that there are exceptions, but even these vary from person to person.

So the answer is pretty clear: no.

What most people don’t understand is that lucid dreaming is all about LIGHT SLEEP.

People who sleep soundly probably won’t have lucid dreams.

Irregular sleep tends to be light sleep.

If he is used to it then it is not irregular to him anymore.

i work shift-times and have one or two nightshifts per month, i get never used to them and i still become lucid at least once per week, sometimes i dont even get lucid once in two weeks and then there are times when i get lucid three times in one week…

…i just had a nightshift two days ago and my latest lucid adventure was last night.

My personal experience is that if I sleep irregularly I have more problems remembering dreams, as well as more problems becoming lucid.

If I can stick to a good schedule, my dreaming is generally much enhanced.

I agree with this, my sleep schedule is extremely poor right now…and whilst I had a decent 1 I had all my LD’s lol…

well my sleep schedule this last year or two has sucked for me… and it killed my dream recall, so recalling dreams is far harder when my schedule is irregular and not enough hours
back when I followed a self imposed schedule I could recall up to 5 dreams per night

The amount of sunlight for my part heavily depends on the time of year, though.
In Sweden the winters kind of suck since it’s almost always dark (like the sun rises in 9-10 AM and could set as early as 3 PM) while during the summers it’s almost always bright instead, might get dark between 10 PM and 1 AM or something and then it’s daylight again. :tongue:
So I guess the summers will give me quite an advantage, then. :cool: