Do we dream when we nap?

So do we dream when we nap? I just took a nap and I don’t remember dreaming at all. Was it because I was performing a MILD?

There is no difference between napping and other kinds of sleeping. :cool: It can be even easier to enter a dream quickly in a nap, since we usually get less deep sleep and more REM in the day. Were you maybe very sleepy?

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thank you! I’ve been working on Lucid Dreaming fora year now and only had a low vivid one :meh: Our rug got torn up downstairs and I cant really do anything but my computer, xbox. I don’t have any friends on my street so im sort of a loser :sad: Anyways, yes I was very sleepy, I also took a nap yesterday about the same time today.

Yes, in fact, during a nap, we dream 80-90% of the time, while in the usual evening sleep, we dream about 20-30% of the time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do the WILD technique when napping, as you will enter a dream very fast.
Dreams during a nap are usually not that vivid as dreams during normal sleep, still, it’s a good way to have a LD, especially if you fall asleep during the day pretty easily.

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It’s a lot easier to dream in the the nap, as someone above said. For me, for example, it’s very easy to dream in this time :smile: When I’m a little tired and try to nap, a few whiles after I close my eyes I see pictures and sounds, and when I wait a little longer they create a dream.
What is more interesting - sometimes the pictures are being created by the sounds of the sorrounding (!) - sometimes I nap in a room on the ground floor in my house, which (the room) is next to kitchen or garden… and sometimes I hear the radio, vacuum cleaner (when someone’s cleaning), lawn mover or water botling in kettle. When my ears hear this sounds my mind create a sort of visualization; for example when I hear people talking in the radio I see a bunch of guys talking, or when I hear the lawn mover I see a sport car etc. :smile: This is incredible for me, because sometimes these pictures are made in weird way: I remember one time my mater was using a vacuum cleaner during my nap, and what I see in my dream at the same moment is a concert of guitarist Carlos Santana - what’s the funny part: the sound from his guitar was the sound of vacuum cleaner (!), but I haven’t been looking critically in the dream so I didn’t see anything strange in this :shy:

Experiment with that, and try WILD, it should be easier to do like in the WBTB technique :smile:

Wow! Thanks Dreamers! I will try WILD when I nap. I tried MILD last night I had a very quick Lucid State, I was walking towards my pool, and I heard myself say im dreaming, then I did a nose RC and I could breathe through it! Then I woke up instantly. First LD experience in months! :smile: Also, how can I improve my WILD? I usually hit the paralyzed state, but that’s it. I feel like i’m forced to move? Also how can the “third eye” improve my WILD? Where exactly is it and how can I concentrate on it? THANKS A BUNCH! :happy:

You might feel like you are forced to move when you experience the paralyzing moment, but I think that you must just wait and after a while this feeling should be gone. I experience the moment of paralyze like a going down through a pipe with huge speed, with a lot of vibrations and feeling of spinning, but I just wait until the end of this “journey” (sometimes I even tighten my teeth, it helps me).
About Third Eye - never tried that before, but as I can see there’s a lot of topics on forum, so just use “Search”. Maybe I’ll try the Third Eye method today, I got interested :smile:

thanks for everything!!! :happy:

Mostly, the time when I lucid dream is when I’m taking a nap, or after I wake up in the morning and I fall back asleep :razz:

We sleep when we nap, so this is possible.

so you said you ad a low vivid lucid dream??? :woo:
a then you should be happy beacause after the first lucid dream its more easy to do more…
it like a hole that you just opened :peek:

Today I took a midday nap of 2 hours or so, I had a very vivid dream about things that make me RC and some man-made black holes :smile:.