Do you believe we are approaching a major social change?

Human society, and humans in general, will change beyond anything we can comprehend if we are to stay alive as a race. Right now, humanity is in a deep, deep hole, and I really don’t know if we can get out. Our soceity must be completly revamped. Destroy the institution of ownership, which is responsible for evil. Move ahead as one race, exploring inner and outer space in peace. I just don’t know if we could get to a point like that in time.

I don’t think we are nearing any real sudden changes, any change that will happen in the near future will be gradual.
Think about this - most of the ‘corporations’ in North America are small ‘Mom & Pop’ companies…in fact, they contribute to the economy in an enormous way, and if memory serves, they make up between half and three quarters of all of the businesses in north America. So the left-over big corporations aren’t really that big and scary, especially since you don’t have to buy their products (that’s the great thing about a free market :smile: )
I also think, after lots of reading, that the current political situation in America is louzy, but not as bad as the big bad news companies would have us think. These anti-flag burning and anti-gay marriage bills they try to pass in the States are not taking away freedoms for two reasons; 1) they never pass, and 2) they are simply attempts by politicains to gain support from a certain demographics and to discract from some of the mistakes they’ve made…just look how many states have thrown out the Patriot act for example.

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The anti-flag burning bill failed by only one vote ( I don’t know about you, but the fact that the majority of congress can approve something like this scares me.

But the important thing is that it failed.
Now don’t get me wrong, I think flag burning is very disrespectful, especially since I am so proud and lucky to live where I do, but I don’t approve of people’s rights being trampled on, and I don’t like the idea that someone would use a meaningful issue like this just to gain a few votes.

Desaster… thats where I see our world is going, I dont see any hope for a better future. The economey will crash soon, then there is global warming. How can anyone find hope in this fkudc up world. Please if you do see a better future post it. I think the government are planing to drop some bombs on the world so that the gretty bastards can start all over with a clean slate. Bombs away president B*sh, and you other governments.