Do you believe we are approaching a major social change?

Some people have very unique views on where the world is going, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their views on the future we are approaching.

I appreciate all comments, thank you.


Growth and development are natural processes on both the personal and collective scales. Colectively we’ve got to the point where communications and travel are so effective that we have established a ‘global village’, an international community. Unfortuantely we still fight amongst each other and because of the fearsome technologies we possess there is the risk that we will ruin and destroy everything we have achieved in the most immature fashion possible (blowing it up!).

However, clearly the next level for our physical advancement will have to involve space travel and it is my belief that the next major earth event will be officially acknowledged contact with an extra terrestrial species! I think if we were more mature as a species we could co-ordinate our space projects to such a degree that going out and discovering life in space would happen but because of the situation here there just isnt time for that. So I believe the e.t’s will come here to prevent us from making a huge mess of our planet. Unlike in Hollywood they will not be bringers of death and destruction (we have quite enough of that here anyway) but wisdom and practical assistance.

Because there really are forces here on this planet that would make a complete mess of it. The political world is full of people with absolutely no morals in their search for power and their ultimate fantasy is to create a world where the mass population is on lockdown, policed by heavily armed, brain-washed grunts, all for the profit of the few. I believe they have gained so much power now that it would be impossible to remove them on our own… but that doesnt mean they will succeed. Growth and development are natural processes: they will not be stopped. The Universe will sort itself out in the end.

And what’s more I think all of this will go down in 2012. I certainly think it will happen in our lifetimes, we really seem to be on the cusp of a new epoch because our way of life as it stands does not seem able to sustain itself for much longer. Couple this with the mystical astrological predictions of an ancient civilisation (the Mayans) and I think 2012 is a pretty good bet.

So yeah, our corrupt ‘leaders’ won’t go down without a fight but one thing is for certain: when extra terrestrial life makes itself known NOTHING will be the same on this planet ever again (probably why they are being so cautious in making contact).

Call me crazy but that’s how I see it. :tongue:

Yeah you’re crazy.

j/k :wink:

I don’t really have thoughts about upcoming social change. As I see it now, as people reach for more depth in their lives through religion or spirituality, the darker sides of humanity is also slowly gaining more power. I think it will just continue this way. The light becomes brighter while the dark gets darker, inevitably. Imo :smile:

In my oppinion there is two major alternative. Both in the event of a major change in the structure of the world.

I belive that the world is going out of balance and have been out of balance for a realy long time. It is very hard to say if the world is abetter place than it used to be and if wath the modern world has done is somthing good or bad.
And every senario can go two ways. Since the universe its like a circel everything has an efect there is no end like the peak where society stabilises and all suffering ends. There will allways be problem and no utopia will ever be perfected.

The two senarios are either.

Wait fuckit ! Alternative 1 would not work i just realized. its about the world turning back the spirutal clock and people would stop selling their life to conusming and the big lie. But it would suck since there is to manny people living on the erarth we need industrialized ways to feed the billions of poor people who dont have the natural resources to survive.
So wath must be is that the fundamental goal of people today must be changed. Its verry hard and will take a loong time. its one of the biggest philosophical problems today that 99% of the population rather seeks wealth and power than peace ,happines and wisdom. then could the wealth of the western world be equay shared with the world and there would be an hope of harmony.

But this is just annother lame utopia and event 2 is more likley to happen or it will happen on day, it may be in 10 years or 1000.

our civilistion will end… yes eventualy it will since nothing is static. How it might happen is unclear but it could be nuculear war or just total colapse caused by like some sort of terrorist action like project mayhem. the human race will restart in the time mother nature would recover and if we are lucky prehaps the new civilisation is better than this.

But seriously. Those are just guessings. Anny thing can happen.
Statisticly there is born one person in each generation who has the initiative to change the world. No one will know what is going to happen in the next years.

i can only hope that if nothing extreme happens that the next generation of world leadersw will act in the name of logic and common sense instead of greed!

just fuck the spelling errors. im not gonna read trough all that and chek. :content:

Eh. The greed of major companies for resources (for example, oil) is not helping out society. But whatever, you know? The world will be the world, and there’s not much you can do to change it.

Best to just let things be as they are. Everything will work out on it’s own - it always seems to find a way to do that :smile:

the age of disinformation where the power elites “battle for control of public perceptions”
news isn’t important information, its spin, a socialisation box, propaganda, headlines, entertainment, and
commercials, its harmonious irrefutable happy confident-looking chitchat that touches ‘important knowledge’ -no time-energy to look up at reality as it is before your family starves

not hard to see the conditioning we internalised since birth
conformity is holy, competition is natural, ego is strength, oppression is for the weak, wealth means hard work, others are strangers, authority knows best, The world will be the world, and there’s not much you can do to change it, just let things be as they are everything will work out on it’s own
question those who question us

forget corporate crime, forget inequality, stratification is only fair
be a good citizen and keep your eyes wide shut for you are already powerless
everything is too complicated, you are not smart enough, this is all a big joke, go on with your life

post-modernism at it’s best, image over substance
life institutionalised

What is coming up? An Abyss.
a downward cycle of society carying so much momentum it will have nothing to rebound off.

martial law. tyrannical NWO. superweapons. virtual prisons. panopticon-style privacy. forget human rights… global warming. methane hydrates. global dimming. more wars. more ITCZone famines.

We are on the downslope. Whatever you do, don’t be passive. If this is BS to you, good, go find out why this is BS to you. and if you’re back from walmart or foxnews then let the world know because you are saving the world with your Actions. the world is every person around you, and their pain, mysery and death you acted against is saving the world.

Pilot you are totaly correct.

I belive in order to break this pattern we must learn to realize thet every thing is connected one person suffering will in the end make you suffer. Its a circle.

I belive that wath you can do is to fight thr powers and be aware of that if you do not do anny thing to help the world. You are usless. You must realise that you are only one person and you will allways be worth less than two persons. And most important of all NEVER fear the povers. They can take away everything you own, they can beat you and they can kill you. But they can never take away who you are. Be aware that wath ever suffering they are causing you will one day come back at them.

I am not talking about the greed of companies.
No ofcourse oil does not help but the capability to make food for the starving masses and purify water and get it to the starving people around the world. If Society crumbels there will be no possibility of aiding those in need efectivly. so if global warming turns serious and society crumbels than all the poor people without acsess to nearby natural resourses will die or at least allmost die.

Exactly. But people will only realize this by death and destruction. Look at our entire history. We always needed a dark era to grow towards more light. Yet the further we developped as a human race, the deeper the darkness needed to see the light again; the last real dark era was WWII but it led to human rights, NATO and the UN eventually. That’s the whole tragedy of life: we can never see higher truths without questioning, fighting, destroying and transcending our current truths. Death is the only way to find life.

Yupp like the budhists say. life is only suffering. And the quest is to break free of life.

Here is an interesting view of the future of the media:

Hm well I happen to think there is a difference between death and destruction and enforced torture. Once the truth is realised I don’t think there is any need whatsoever for us to make our lives any more difficult than they have to be. There is absolutely no need to have leaders who lie and cheat, missiles containing depleted uranium, a biased media spreading disinformation etc.

Hard times may well be a neccesary ingredient of a densely physical world like our own but that is no excuse for us to go and create our own suffering.

Well that movie about googelzon was quite creepy.
I didnt really get it so that is like googlezon ruling the internet??? or are they just like a realy big company.

“Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existance”-Eric Fromm

"Evil no longer exists in contrast to good; rather, there is a new inhumanity: indifference” -Eric Fromm

I agree, it seems to be the only way. What concerns me is all that is unnecessary. Does it not make sense though to treat all things as unnecessary and do as much as possible?

I believe the United States is in the process of attempting to crack down on a significant impending “growth” of the younger generations, similar to the 60s.

I believe that either mankind willl greatly advance in the next 10-20 years, or that we will fall into another dark ages as the nation becomes a pervasive police state hell-bent on killing individuality under the guises of “protecting morality” and “keeping us safe from terrorism”

Okay. I’ll just take the non-global angle of this, as it is the only angle I really “know”. I couldn’t take a global view of this as I only know the international situation from newspapers and other unreliable (propagandic) sources.

What I know about my home country is that as more and more people here get more and more wealthy, they focus more and more (again…) on their own wealth and happiness. The wealthier people are, the more egocentric they become. “Rich” people do increasingly believe in the right of the fittest (or whatever).

I know this, as I know a lot - a lot - of wealthy people (I’m probably one of them now) and a lot fo not so rich people.

All I know is that the future of my nation is worrying me beacuse of this.

I have no idea of the future of the planet though… How could I possibly?

Unfortunately, I’m experiencing this generation from the worst possible position. I’m in it. From what I’ve seen, the adults of this gen will be acting just like the bratty fifth graders they are now. Overly sensitive filth whose most positive influence is in the AO videogames their parents are unwittingly putting in their hands thinking that they’re doing something nice for their kid. I get disturbed when I see an eight year old girl throwing a fit in a store and the mother giving in and putting GTA in their shopping cart. The next generation will just be more demoralized and materialistic jerks who shun all of their responsibilities and only care about themselves, imho. :eek:

I can see one of two major changes happening soon.


Corporations have very little power. We still have grocery stores, and the like, but nearly all information/software (encyclopedias, movies, music, computer software, etc.) is available for free. Rather than charging for content, these people ask for donations. People who like the content and are able to donate usually do. The amount of income made by these groups is determined by the quality of the product rather than marketing.


(This focuses mainly on the United States)
In the next several years, the Bill of Rights is slowly revoked. The constitution is amended to ban flag burning, gay marriage, and ANY tools or information that could help terrorists. Atheists are denied citizenship. (To quote George Bush Sr., “No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.”). We slowly decline into a dystopian society that would make Orwell look like an optimist.

Why shouldn’t gay people be allowed to get married? Its not their fault they have a chemical imbalance. All this crap that happens in life is completely preventable, simply if more people saw from a broader perspective, rather than just their own narrow one.

Think for yourself children, don’t always just listen to the people around you.

when social change or revolution has happened throughout history, it has always been on the backs of one group, the middle class. (think about that one for a second and tell me if you can think of a different way) right now, i sense that the middle class is pissed.

it may seem like wal-mart and mcdonald’s and big oil are ruling the world, and they kind of are right now. but when the conditions are right (2012?) the middle class will step up and envoke change. this could come in many forms.

hello, communism. marx said (in a nutshell, i haven’t read his stuff fully so correct me if i’m wrong) that in an industrialized nation the workers will rise up to take control. the ussr was not an industral nation, and china seems more like a dictatorship thats really oppressive. i don’t think the communist revolution has even truly happened. it may never happen, but if it does happen you know that the US will be in the middle of it. we are already well off (if you take bill gates’ money and give it to everyone) and we are industrialized and dependent on workers.

the 1950’s was really an age of closet oppression. in answer to that oppression we had the 60’s, an age of rebirth really. could we be heading in that direction?

in a nutshell, here is cory’s ideas for what happens next socially (no particular order):

  1. middle class rising against current powers, keeping this system while ‘trying’ to get rid of corruption.

  2. rise of communism (or another economic system not dependent on greed)

  3. an ‘enlightenment’ like the 60’s or renaissance

  4. china taking all of us over. they are frickin huge