Do you ever do this when waking up?

Have you ever waken up from a dream and asked yourself, “What happened yesterday that made me dream this?”

Like for example, just last night i dreampt that i had super long blonde hair and i used my hair as a swing and stuff. when i woke up i remembered that i was on deviantart yesterday and I saw this awsome painting of rapunzel from the movie tangled. I also dreampt that i was at a party and i remembered watching “1000 ways to die” a few days back where one death took place at a fancy party. Another time, when i was reading “the horse and his boy”, i dreampt that i was running away to narnia. (that was so cool)

I do it often, and now im starting to write it down how i think i ended up dreaming my ND s. Does anyone else does this?

I have done it too. I dreamed of something and when I woke up i knew where it was from.

Yeah I also do this. Once i dreamt of an alien invasion with the little dude from the game “destroy all humans” then remember I sai spmeone with that game in their hand the morning before!

Dreams are not based on what happened precedent days, this is a Freud’s theory. For example Jung thinks that dreams are more based on the subconscious: you dream about water because you want to drink.

Well some people thinks are just your mind trying to make sense of randomness that is going threw your dreams. But I do do this, i’ve been wanting to put tags in my DJ saying were some of the ideas come from, cause some are obvious.

:lol: Many times. Sometimes I wake up wondering what even happened the day before :eh:

I don’t do it that often, but usually when I had an extra weird dream and I want to record why I dreamt this in case I’m going to read this dream again some time when I don’t remember the reason.

Yes I do, I even made a topic about that with theory that we can use that as very good possible dream sign! Here!

Many times I’ll wake up and think “Oh, that’s why I dreamed that. I watched a movie/episode yesterday that caused that random thing to show up.” It’s kinda funny.

Yush xD ! Happened to me many times too, not only from yesterday, i found some interesting things related from weeks or even months ago.
But mostly if i’ve been occupied with something during the day. For example, i used to play lot of games be4, and if i played it for more than half day, 50% that next dream would contain some things from that game. That is rly bad, and thats why i stopped playing games like that :content:

@ Psylock
Well sometimes I’ll have dreams about video games even if i only played like half an hour of that game :neutral:
Then there will be times when i dream of things that i hadn’t thought about for months.
But actually i did have one dream that reminded me of a homework that i forgot to do! i wish i had more dreams like that

Interesting question. I sometimes wonder what has happened in my entire life that made me dream what I did!

I always wonder about that, but usually it’s things that have happened weeks or months ago that have triggered the dream. It’s very strange. As if my mind is trying to remind me of things that have passed, without bothering with what happened a few hours ago!

Hm, as far as I know we can’t say Jung is right either, as there’s a bunch of hypotheses about this around.

For my part I think it’s a mixture of many things. I dream about things which happened in the past, I dream about things which I want to happen, I dream about fears I have etc etc.