Do you ever get satisfaction from killing in dreams?

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Just this morning, I had a dream where I led a Charlie Manson gang style murder spree. I kept randomly unloading my gun with great zeal, then I felt it was time to get serious. I said “Hey! Let’s kill someone!” and we stormed a ladies house. They began shooting random faceless people in the house, and I unloaded my six shooter in her back as she was making it to the door. I felt great zeal.

Another time, I was trapped in a dark restaurant being crowded by young men who thought I was going to seduce an underaged girl. Two or three surrounded me, but were waiting for me to make the first move. I quickly slammed some kids head against the wall, leaving him a vegetable. No one noticed, though, and went back to the girl. I continued slamming his head and contemplated what to do with his body.

Other times, I just remember brutalizing people to death.

Am I sick, or is it a common theme in dreams?

I don’t, but that’s just me :wink:

I feel rather protective of my DCs, and usually any violence in my dreams is me versus whatever is trying to hurt my DCs. But then again, I adore my dreamworld’s populace. :content:

Even when it’s fighting ‘monsters’ I don’t really enjoy the fighting - just satisfaction that my little DCs are safe.

I imagine that it’s not uncommon to enjoy violence in dreams though.

Uh, cant say I do that, however, I have become dark and evil :tempted: towards my DC’s from time to time, whether it be a LD or a ND where I have great power. Goes to show, absolute power corrupts absolutly. :dark:

Or maybe not… :yaaawn:

Only when I kill myself.

Are we talking NLD only or do you do this in LD’s too?

Depending what situation or mentality I take on in my dreams , yes. A lot of the time it feels like moving in sand when attempting to fight\mame\kill leading to unsuccessful attempts

IMO, it’s absolutely normal. Dreams tend to overreact to your feelings. For instance, suppose that you’ve been reprimended by your teacher in a way you find unjust. You can have a dream in which you’re a jedi and led a murder spree against the Star Wars clone troopers.

In a LD I tried to kill an anonymous DC, but I didn’t succeed. I had a sword, but it turned into a plastic sword that couldn’t hurt anybody.

Otherwise I just hurt people. Never really kill.

I don’t think you’re sick, because I’ve read a lot of other dreams where people enjoyed killing. As long as you don’t consciously do it while lucid (because in lucid dreams you’re aware of what your actions mean), I doubt it means much.

Having said that, I hate killing in dreams. I’ve only done it once that I recall, and that was in self defence - and I still felt horribly guilty afterwards. Even after I woke up and knew it was just a dream I was still feeling guilty about it. For me, the rule is to fight in self defence only… but it varies from person to person.

I don’t remember if I’ve killed anything or anyone in my dreams.

I do remember beating the daylight’s out of this person really badly. She had flared my temper to the point that I couldn’t resist. I had gone off completely.

My grandmother came out in the dream and made me feel guilty though.

Enjoy killing DCs? Well, i never did it in an LD, but i will some day… get revenge for the times they killed me… the little… oh wait, mods… but still, in NDs, it has been very satisfying to get my revenge.

I used to kill DCs a lot, but I don’t do it as much now.

I did kill one a few nights ago, but it was quick, painless, and bloodless. He was also harassing me and another DC. (That rhymed!)

I did, however, have fun fleeing and dodging the law-enforcement team that arrived as a result. XD

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I say In a LD you know you are not really killing people, so you can let all the stress/fellings into killing/hurting…
Not something that I did… but I guess it would be that way…

But In a ND I don’t know if I would kill somebody…maybe… my teachers…but that happened in just one dream…

Like I’ve said in other threads, I love killing in my dreams. Most of my LD’s consist of killing. I get a lot of satisfaction from it. I know it’s wrong but I don’t feel bad from doing it.

I havnt really killed annyone expet like thousands of zombies and general monster in my über pwnzor dreams and whoaa that is like
über satisfaction ! :grin:

It really depends on the dream and the reason for the kill.

I don’t enjoy killing DCs randomly. In lucids I do sometimes to wind down after one of those days, do the things you can’t do while awake. That can be satisfying.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with it, especially if you take into account that plenty of those characters might just have been created by your mind for that specific purpose. And anyway, it’s not like you’re really hurting anyone, just vending into nowhere.

I think I can honestly say I’ve never actually killed anyone in my dreams. I tend to get very attached to my dream characters, and the idea of hurting or killing any of them just makes me very upset, as is the case in the few NDs when I’ve been told I have to kill a DC to prevent something bad from happening.

not really satisfying as such, but damn good fun.

i’ve had quite a few dreams that involve killing ; sometimes i’m under attack, sometime’s there’s no reason for it. i figure the more fun i have in dreams, the less i’ll need to do it in reality.

I’ve had dreams like that before. I really hate them because in them I get morbid gratification out of killing people, but I would never, ever want to kill anyone in real life. My friend also had a dream like this just recently.

I hate these types of dreams even more than typical nightmares because they make me feel like I might have an evil side deep down. However, I don’t think they’re actually indicative of any such thing. I’m sure they’re normal.

I wouldn’t worry about it, there’s nothing inherently evil about killing. Any evilness felt is most likely a product of socialisation

A lot of my DCs are people i know, so i don’t hurt them (unless they are “Loser Jerkface”). I may in a LD if i had a bad day, but probably would just do something else.