do you have many thoughts in your dreams?

I’ve noticed recently that I have a lot of dreams where I’m simply thinking things in my head…for instance last night I was dreaming that I was smoking a joint with a friend, nothing out of the ordinary…and while I was doing this I was simply thinking of different things in my “head”… does this happen to anyone else? how common is that? I was just curious…

Yes, I too think in my dreams. I remember clearly thinking just a few days ago in my most recent LD that something was amiss. My friends and I were discussing our class schedules for the next year while walking around an imaginary high school campus when I realized that it couldn’t be time for school just yet.

I don’t remember having brainstorms or anything of that sort, though.

I occasionally have thoughts, but it’s never quite like real life.
Sometimes things just happen, and other times I comment on them internally (non-lucid, I mean).

Like, in an ND that I had last night, I found my pool key (which I have lost IRL) and was relieved about it…I believe I thought something like “That’s good.”

But I don’t get LD’s yet, so no conscious thoughts for me.

I think I draw a distinction between internal scattered thoughts, like “that’s good” and a longer thought process… for instance in my dream last night my friend and I were just passing the joint back and forth, not talking to each other, but in my head I was “talking” to myself for about five minutes or so. I’m not sure if that makes any sense…

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