Do you have to be tired to succsefully use WILD?

The name says it all. I wanna try it RIGHT NOW but i’m only slightly sleepy. A quick reply is best.(please?)

Well, I find it a LOT easier when I’m tired and go sleep late. Or when waking up about 3 or 4 hours after going sleep, that’s when you’re very tired(but I’m too lazy to WILD then =P)
I WILD mostly when going to bed, but have better results when I’m most tired.

For me it’s best when I’m so sleepy I can see the tunnel to Lala Land just by closing my eyes. :sleep:

this might seem like a dumb question but how the hell do u get so sleepy that when you close your eyes it feels like your going to drift off…? I am hardly ever sleepy, like i go to bed at about 12:00pm and wake up at 7:00 am and when i wake up I spring out of bed and not tired at all. I am never tired in teh night either. In order for me to WILD would I have to stay up for a whole night with out sleep and then the next night try it or what?? :cry:

You don’t need to be tired to WILD. A days hard work should be enough to get you to a level where you can achieve WILD in about one hour if you have alot of patience.

At least, thats how it seams to work with me.

Thank you, Jacky-Woo!


I tried it alot yesterday, and got to the part where you feel like you are on a roller coaster.

Yeah, the adrenaline rush? That usually finishes me off… :sad:

No, i mean just doing it, it should kill me next yard job…

I think the success of WILD depends a lot on sleeping patterns - like if you’re someone that wakes up a lot in the middle of the night.

Every two weeks, some night I will be sleeping and I’ll all of a sudden wake up and I feel like I’m floating, or something else weird is happening. Instantly I know to remain calm and automatically I will fall asleep consciously and into a lucid dream. I don’t even bother to do the meditation.

The time of day you try is also of significance. I think that its alot easier during the day. At least, thats what my friend spacetime says, but he has 2 post, and I have… over a hundred! WEE!!!

Basically, try it out at different times of day, if possible.

[color=green]Hi shatterspike1

I speak from my personal experiace and know that each of us are different. I find that it is SO MUCH MORE easier to WILD when you are dead tired. I keep saying this becoz this really works for me. I dontknow if you have tried this, but if you want to, stay up for about 16 hours. Do it on a weekend so you dont miss school or work. Then when you sleep, concentrate on your breathing, counting or any other exceercise you do. Tell me the results :smile: . I love WILDing. I do it becoz there is so much more to experiance while inducing a LD. And when im DEAD tired, it just comes so fast. Its unbelievable.[/color]

I keep drifting off, so I couldn’t honestly tell you–but I wanna say it probably is easier to fall into LD when you’re very tired, but hard to focus on. :wink:

Indeed. Same for me

I think its pretty essential … if you have a low concentration span like me hehe … as WILD’s tend to be easier to induce when I go back to sleep just after waking up in the morning…

just my opinion though :content:

I find it harder to feel that hypnagogic thingy when I’m tired. I just fall asleep too fast to be conscious. I find it easier and less scary to do (better said practice, because I did not succeed yet) WILD during afternoon naps.

I can only WILD if I do it really tired and WBTBing.

Do you continue conting during the HI, i seem to forget about counting and pay attention to the HI and get very distracted which messes me up, do u guys count until the dream?

I have other problem than u. I fall asleep to slow to use WILD when im going to bed at 10 PM. I do it when i wake up spontaneously in the morning. And i love to wake up in the morning, eat my breakfast in 5 mins and go sleep again for 30 mins before school. Often i have dreams that time and i think its a good occasion for LDs. I had once but my clock rang and i woke up from it :sad:

how long does it take you all to actually WILD , i have tried many times but with no success. but after reading these posts i think i’m not waiting long enough for it to happen.