do you have to sleep on your back?

i’ve noticed that whenever anything weird happens to me when i’m trying to have a lucid dream, i’m always on my back. so, i’m wondering if you have to sleep on your back or can you have a lucid dream on your side? this may sound stupid but i’ve been trying forever and the only time i ever come close is when i’m lying on my back. i actually had a lucid dream once on my back i think. i knew i was dreaming and it felt like real life but i had no control over where i was going. i remember feeling kind of dizzy and then i started walking up the stairs and i was like “oh shit! i can’t go up stairs. i’m going to fall!” but this is a problem for me because i don’t like sleeping on my back because it makes my adam’s apple feel weird and it irritates me (i don’t know why).

I can’t get to sleep on my back unless I’m very tired, but in that case I’m usually too tired to try WILD too.

So yes, You can do it from other possitions. But if you find it easier to do it from a specific possition stick with it.

I do find I have more vivid dreams if I roll onto my back during sleep, but I can never get to sleep on my back so it’s a catch22 for me.

yeah, the few times i’ve fallen asleep on my back are when i wake up at like 3 am to take a pee and then i just collapse back in bed and instantly fall asleep. but that’s good that you don’t have to lay on your back. i think i might try forcing myself to get used to sleeping on my back though. because, that’s the only time i’ve ever come close to lucid dreaming, you said your dreams are more vivid, and it’s supposed to be better for your back unless you have a crap mattress.

Um. I find that I can sleep on back, side, and at some times front and still manage to have LD’s. Then again, I sleep on the ground, which may or may not have anything to do with my LD’s…

Well, about WILD, its easier for almost everyone to lay on your back. Laying on your side isn’t that bad too, and laying facing the bed is the hardest to WILD(that’s how it is with most people, some may have different results).
But in general I’ve never felt any difference in my dreams from my position on bed. There’s just something: 75% of the hypnopompic SP’s I have are when I’m laying on my side. No idea why, though.

If you sleep on your side then you are more likely to fall asleep if you try to WILD in the same position, which is what you don’t want. The idea is to find a deeply relaxing state of mind without drifting into unconsciousness and laying in a less comfortable position allows you to do this.

I’m sort of the same, the moment I turn onto my side or stomach then I can pretty much kiss any chance of WILDing goodbye because my brain automatically registers it as the sleeping position.