do you have to use RC?

ok… first i tried LD for 2 months. never worked, one year later i tried it for one week… I REALLY REALLY wanted to succed this time. So i did over 100 RC one day,at bedtime, I did MILD,and I had my first LD! GREAT!, I´m looking forward for my next LD… But nooo, never happend… so I gave up after 3 months. And now I really hate doing RC…feels pointless.

So I´m asking you. What technique should I do if i don´t wanna do RC? Do you have to do RC??

You don’t have to do RCs but it is a good idea. Try not to do so many, 10 per day is sufficient.
However if they really don’t do anything for you, pick another method :smile:

I am new in this forum. I have had ok success with LD but mostly wake-induced ones.

I think RC’s inner core is not the reality check themselves but instead the shortly vividness and reflectiveness experienced during them - a vividness and reflective state which also appears in most lucid dreams. Somehow the reflection upon the nature of reality creates a state in the mind that is related to lucid dreaming. It is like you awaken from all your daily routines and your everyday state of being and then the clearness of the senses becomes just a bit higher.

Therefore I think the most important things is not neccesarily to do RC (allthough there are other things to a RC), but to create this reflective and lucid state of mind many times during the day by all possible means. My thesis is that many skilled lucid dreamers actually are in this state one way or the other many times during the day.

While reading this you can do this, not the traditional way by rereading, but by being intensely aware that you are reading, thinking at the same time, experiencingthe world sitting here in this room, and being consciously aware of this reflectiveness in you - how often do this relfectiveness happen in ordinary dreams compared to lucid ones?

When you try to create and do your own RC maybe you should try to observe how your mind changes while you are trying to trick yourself into lucidness. It could be interesting to hear.