Do you know thoose days?

Do you know thoose days, weeks, months, that you just stop writing you dreams, stop wanting lucid dreams?
I have thoose moments now, but I really miss LDing it’s so fun, and challenging,
Do you have any tips for regaining consicious?

I understand perfectly. Honestly. Except the part with “not wanting lucid dreams”. I just stopped looking into it because of lack of time. I believe we’re in the same (or at least similar) stage.

I can only show my understanding for you, even though I believe you have much more experience in LD’ing than I do. :smile:

When I will get rid of today’s stress (vacation or something) I’d start from the beginning. You know, writing down, thinking more about it, practicing more often those methods (etc.).

Does anything better come up your mind of what to do once having hit bottom ? :meh:

Yeah, I do the same thing. I LD and keep my DJ/goal journal in bursts. It all depends on time, interest, motivation, etc. It’s not really that hard for me to pick back up. If I’m interested and aim to LD, then I have them. Otherwise, not really. Might seem like a waste to those who haven’t had any LDs yet or not as many, but really, I can’t do something if I’m not interested in it. It’s like my creative stuff. It varies from time to time as to what I do with my different creative endeavors.

Really, when I get back into LDs, I sometimes start my DJ and goal journal again. Really, my LDs mostly come from my desire to LD and my goals for my LDs. I guess you’d have to have at least that. If I did use techniques seriously, I’d probably start again with WBTB and DEILD. I do those really informally usually.

Thanks for the comments :smile:
School really destroies motivation lol