Do you make or work for money in your....

Even though I’ve still not had an lucid dream I think I would work to earn my stuff. It makes it more fun. :content:

Like I would hire a guide to teach me to fly. I don’t think I would just go ahead and do it :tongue:

I don’t understand this topic :spinning: since you do ‘work’ when learning to keep your lucidity and gaining lucid powers … and it is fun doing it :yes:
why pretend to earn money in a dream to pay a dream tutor?

I don’t know. lol

What a work ethic! Working even in your dreams. I don’t know how you plan to do it though. Perhaps you have to make a deal with the dream guide. I don’t really see any useful work to be done in a dream. There’s is no need for money, or food, or heat, or anything. What professions can there be?

You can always offer money to your dream tutor, if (s)he refuses to teach you for free in your LD :tongue:

The only thing is, that you need to learn how to make money out of nothing, or use bank machine and believe that it gives you some if you put your dream card into it. And don’t forget to enter the right pin code :wink:

As a Randian i aprove of this!

Come all! let us labour to greatness even when we sleep!

What the point of lucid dreaming then?

money does not matter in a dream, hell, that it matters is your waking life is a delusion.

It would be fun to have some RPG elements in your dream, if that’s what you mean :grin:

yea , … didnt we have a simmilar topic (called hire a dream character ? )
i think working in your dream would maybe help you to have more fun of your work in RL :happy:

Yea we did have that somewhere around here. You could do your job in your LD and you can get better at it and practice what you learned in your LD at your job.

I don’t know about anyone else but I find that even though I enjoy my job most of the time 8 hours a day of it is enough! The thouht of doing my job in my sleep seems to go against my idea of LDing (eventually when I manage one) being a restbite from reality (not that Im trying to escape reality its just nice to have a breather now and again).

I agree – I find it frustrating enough that my hospital lab job enters into my dreams without my even wanting it to. And things are always screwed up anyways, like there’s sushi sitting next to the blood specimens on the lab counter. How can you do your job in the dream when the props aren’t even right?!

:ack: Money in dreams. Certainly the ugliest idea I’ve heard for years. :thud:

If some scifi writer was searching for the most awful idea about the ugliest future world he could imagine, I think you’ve found it. Moreover, since you can get what you want in LD’s, what the need for money? :eek:

I would not like to work in my dreams. At least not work like in a profession or something. Hiring a guide to help you sounds… somewhat brilliant, but I would still prefer learning myself than letting a DC to teach me. Who knows how the DC will act and teach you. He/She could teach you wrong. :happy:

How about… not working, but rather than that accomplishing stuff? Things such as saving someone’s life or not killing the bad guys after defeating them (Of course you could take more evil quests)

Also, I am doing something similar currently, only the other way around: For each LD I have, I gain a single credit. Each credit can be used to redeem something)