Do you record unpleasant dreams?

I occasionally have these dreams that just make me feel rather sad when I wake up - usually it’s a dream where I’m having a fight with a family member or friend for some odd reason, or else it can be something that makes me feel really jealous (like a crush who’s flirting and getting together with one of my friends or something).
I find it really hard to actually record these dreams, and I usually skip it altogether since I don’t wanna relive them again.
Does it mess up your dream recall in some way if you randomly decide to skip these dreams?
How do you do it yourselves?

I always record it regardless. Last night I dreamt of a woman slowly and repeatedly attempting to stab me, resulting in my arms bleeding profusely.

I record my dreams regardless of their emotional content (well, at least unless I’m too lazy).

While most dreams either don’t have too much emotion in them - well, they are all either exciting, funny, sad, heartwarming or whatever their nature is, it’s not like I don’t feel in dreams. But usually it’s that I wake up and think “Cool, I dreamt about this or that!”

Then there are the exceptions: I wake up, but the emotion is still there, almost as if the dream was real. I recall really uplifting dreams, but also dreams that were full of terror and fear that, after waking up, were a really great experience, because of their sheer intensity.
And then there’s the kind of dreams you’re talking about: You wake up but even once awake, you still have a bad feeling. Be it a lost love, a dying friend or a fight with someone close - eventhough it never happened, in your heart everything was still real, albeit only for a night.

I don’t think it would mess up your recall to skip those dreams (you tend to remember unpleasant dreams better anyway), but in the end I have a positive attitude to all my dreams, even those sad ones. I just accept those feelings as part of myself and in a way I feel as if I grow with them.

i think if the dream makes you uncomfortable you should skip it. but if it’s not very sad you can just write it.

Since I started writing down dreams almost ten years ago, there have only been a handful of dreams that I simply didn’t want to save in any way. I post almost all dreams, but can choose to leave the worst parts out or post bad dreams on a private site where only my partner and a good friend can see it apart from me.

I believe that all dreams have the right to be saved if we want to get the whole picture. It could be that there is a pattern in them that can be worked with, or be recognised as dream signs. This is of course very individual, but I find it worth it.

Wow, I just chose not to but now I guess I should find a way around that… they’re so sad though.

Long before I got into dreams for purposes of lucidity and recreation, I started jotting them down just for pop psychology interpretation. In that case, it was more important to me, to remember the dreams that bothered me. If I ignored them, I’d start behaving badly in waking life and not know it. Like, I might dream of a friend flirting with my crush, and just give her the cold shoulder in waking life where she doesn’t deserve it. If instead of doing that, I faced the sad situation of the dream, I might figure out what it really means (example, that I fear my friend’s generally a better person than I am for being that much more confident, and the solution could be that I emulate that instead of unknowingly acting on petty and irrational jealousy.)

I had it 2 nights ago. It sucks…watching my unlikely self actually killing someone, its just not like myself…
Anyway, just forget it. It won’t affect you, remember the pleasant ones will do.
It won’t change a thing.

I record any dream I remember enough to record. If it does make me sad, it usually affects the dream world rather obviously, and the feelings linger into reality, such as my most recent dream, were a DC I was looking forward to meeting again got jumped by a strange man, and stabbed to death. It’s saddening, but a dream is a dream.

I can usually remember the really sad dreams without recording them. I find them interesting though, and see them more as hypotheticals.

Whenever I have a bad/sad dream I feel really happy when I wake up because of the fact they turn out to be a dream, so not real. No it’s the really good ones that I am sad about. There still are dreams of months ago that I am sad about the fact that they weren’t real.

Anyway I record them all

For me it largely depends, for sad dreams I will usually always record them, although those dreams don’t usually need recording for me, they are extremely graphic and emotive and usually affect me for weeks afterwards. I will record them privately. For certain kinds of extremely violent dreams, I generally don’t record them, if I do, they will be stored privately again. When I have a dream like this, its usually a defence mechanism where I’m graphically illuminating a part of my life that needs urgent attention to myself.

Hard to describe my perspective, I rarely take away negative from such dreams, since for me the problem isn’t that I’m having an intense dream, its that something is bothering me to the degree that it is causing the intense dream. The dream itself just helps me to assess the root problem in a more visual way. Whether its a situation I’m unhappy with, or I’m feeling something I’m not consciously addressing, etc.

So, yeah, I record many of them, but some I don’t. Usually I can recall these ones without recording anyway though.

I usually don’t have a problem with the sad or out of character dreams. I killed a few people in a dream a while ago. I interpret as me getting rid of a part of myself. May be a good thing.