Do you remember dreams better than real life?

If i remember a dream one morning and can remember it the next day, i can remember it, a long time after, as if it had just happened. I cannot do the same with real life, unless it is a special memory (holiday, christmas…) or at maximum 7 days ago.

I like this ability very much and was wondering if it was like this to other people.

Right now my mind is flowing through my dreams, some from months ago, but no more important from the ones i had last night.

Dreams are more unusual so they have details that are easier to remember. But personally I think they are more difficult to remember unless you write them down.

Hmm… I find dreams hard to remember, but when I really have one in my mind than it seems that it stays pretty long.I know many dreams from my childhood, but other things from that time I can´t remember


Dreams are hard to remember when you first wake up, but after you’ve remembered them once their easy to remember!

Well i guess it’s pretty much the same for all of us.

I find it quite hard to remember my dreams i sort of have to write them down so i can remember them. Then i forget.

Sort of a bugger really.

for me, that rings true… no doubt i remember my dreams extremely well as compared to some things in real life.

i don’t know, maybe this has something to do with the fact that i’ve been keeping dream journals for the last 6 years…

in fact, i usually remember too much of my dreams…to the point where i’m too lazy to write it all down!! :smile:

I think this is just the result of spending more time thinking about them than most RL events.

When you wake up, you sit there thinking about ever little detail of your dream (for the purpose of developing dream recall, or whatever) which forces it into more permanent memory.

It’s like the ‘writing stuff down’ theory. Basically, if you write something down in an attempt to remember it later, you’ll find that you don’t even need to look at the paper where you wrote it. It will already be readily acessable from memory simply BECAUSE you went to the trouble of writing it down.

It’s the same with dreams. The more you think about it after you wake up, the more you’re likely to remember much later. I can still vividly remember my first LD because I spend the next 2 entire days thinking about it. That kind of ‘burns’ it into memory.

It’s the same with normal dreams, if you ponder it for as long.

Most things that happen in RL don’t deserve a second thought, so you tend to forget 95% of everything you do each day.

Also, Monitor199a raised a good point. Dreams generally consist of things which are completely out of the ordinary. For this reason, people tend to think a lot about what it meant, or just simply how cool it was.

My memories are as distant as dreams (I guess located in the same part), if that’s what you mean…

I kinda feel like all my memories are a dream (maybe due to the fact that radical changes are happening constantly)