Do you talk to other peoples about lucid dreaming?

Hello Dreamers.

Do you talk to other peoples as friends, parents, familly or at work/school?
Or only on LD4all?


Hi Stefano,

I used to talk to quite a lot of people about LDing. I have a group of friends who are quite interested in the topic and I’ve often talked to my brother and my grandparents about it. I haven’t really talked to many of them about it recently but I know I could if I wanted to. The reason I haven’t talked to them about it recently is because my brother isn’t too interested in the topic and I’m not sure if he even believes it (he could look it up if he cared to). As for my friends, they are very interested in it and a lot of them would like to LD but they all pretty much agree that they wouldn’t be motivated enough to get to it. They believe they’d have a DJ for a week or so and then give up.

So, to answer your question in a simple way: I sometimes do and could at almost anytime talk to people outside LD4all about lucid dreaming.

I also talk with other peoples friends, familly etc about lucid dreaming.
If your friends are also members of LD4all?

No, unfortunately my friends haven’t joined LD4all…probably because I didn’t tell them about this site :tongue:. If any of them start to show some series interest in LDing then I’ll tell them about this site in a heartbeat. I imagine that one or two of them may show proper interest once I start getting LDs. We talk about dreams a fair bit and when I undoubtedly have the best dreams of my life during my lucids I bet some of them will want to experience them too.

Do you friends ever had a LD, FA, HI, SP, or OBE?

I’m sure they’ve had a few LDs or FAs like most people but cannot remember them :happy:. As far as I’m aware though they’ve never had a conscious LD between them, though one in particular has had an FLD or two, and I’ve never asked about FAs but they probably have had them, they’re not that rare I believe. I think I vaguely remember one of them talking about SP but I may be wrong and none of them have ever tried consciously LDing or WILD or anything like it so they’ve never had induced HI or SP. I highly doubt they’ve have OBEs, they probably would’ve mentioned it over the years I’ve known them. They have had some…interesting NDs though, to say the least.

Do you ever had SP?

No, I haven’t but I’m not sure whether that’s fortunate or unfortunate, I’ve heard some pretty bad experiences about it. Unfortunately though my WILD skills are almost none existent and I rarely try it, I think I’ll get a better handle on it after a few more LDs and I’ll put a bit more effort into it then. Until then I’ll probably not experience SP.

I have quite a few times briefly SP had.
Do you ever had a OBE?

Nope, never had an OBE either, not even any HI. OBEs and AP do interest me quite a bit but I’m not even sure where to begin to practice either of these things other than I’ll probably need to learn how to LD via WILD first. I’ll do more research when I’ve achieved that.

Do your friends know what is lucid dreaming before you telled it?

They knew what the words ‘lucid dreaming’ meant, so technically yes, but they thought it meant like something out of Inception. I’ve never seen the movie but from what one friend thought LDing was from it I get the idea they each had one power and thought it was like that, I was of course able to tell him you’re not limited in real lucid dreams and can have any amount of powers.

I have a certain group of friends who are all intrested in Lucid Dreaming so its good having them deep conversations sharing experiances :smile:, but I also have the group of friends who would look at me like I have just stepped out a mental asylum :lol:

My family doesn’t really care and I think they get annoyed if I talk about it. My high school group that I met recently has a few guys that find lucid dreaming really interesting, but in the same group are a few girls that got annoyed when I talked about my dreams. My university group of friends has a few that have tried to WILD and almost everyone knows about lucid dreaming but haven’t had enough interest to spend a long time working on it.

I talk about lucid dreaming with pretty much everyone. I have talked about it with complete strangers on a train :happy:

It was funny when I met with my high school group and the discussion started going into dreaming without my aid. One of the guys started telling about technique to recall dreams better and I informed him it’s called WBTB.

I only talk to my sister about it. And she talks about hers only with me. I guess, we two have been so comfortable with each other that we can talk about these things so casually.

I have only talked about it to the people who have asked about the chat I leave up.

People hardly like talking about the subject, I don’t attempt talking about it anymore, only when someone else starts it.
It hasn’t occurred in several years.

Hi! I’m new here!

Yes, I’m sharing it to my friends and they are very interested. They are now trying to have LD too.

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[color=orange]Welcome dongtosh.

I tend to talk to people about lucids whenever something comes up that reminds me of a dream I had or wish to have. When talking about games, fictional characters (Anime/Marvel/DC), horror flicks, or extreme stunts it tends to come up and I introduce them to the idea of lucid dreaming if they don’t know. Most seem to be interested. I usually size up whether or not they would be open to it without before mentioning it.[/color]

I do talk to other people about lucid dreaming whenever I get the chance. It’s probably the only talent I get to boast about. :tongue:

I tried convincing my friends to practice with me. My best friend is trying really hard to improve his recall, so I’m hoping he’ll join this forum soon. :3