Doctor Who 50th

So, I know this is my third post about Doctor Who, but I just got to excited when I watched the minisode for the Doctor Who 50th. For those who haven’t seen that yet, there are spoilers, but they are hopefully all hidden away in spoiler tags!

Ever since they released the first Doctor Who 50th anniversary trailer, I’ve been rewatching episodes that I thought might be important to the 50th, as well as the Christmas, specials of Doctor Who. The following are my findings on what I think may indicate about what is going on. They mostly focus around Clara.

First, in the first trailer, they show all of the doctors as well as Rose, Sarah Jane, and Clara, along with plenty of other things from the past 50 years. Sarah Jane is holding some kind of clear globe, the camera zooms inside to show another scene, and then zooms out to show Clara holding it instead and it now has a reflection which is not Clara’s staring up at her. Most people think this is Sarah Jane from what I’ve read, but I noticed that Sarah Jane had bangs in this trailer. The reflection did not have hair covering the entire top of the forehead, thus it would seem likely to indicate this was not meant to be Sarah Jane. I heard other people that thought it was Susan before people started saying Sarah Jane, and from what I can tell, it does indeed look like it is Susan to me.

Also, within this trailer can be seen the monster from the first episode of the third season, where the doctor originally meets Donna. I think the monster is called the Racouss. Thus, I watched this episode and found some things about it. Most obviously, it relates to the doctor being willing to kill and go to war. However, in the very beginning, when Donna originally meets the doctor, she says “so you’re not human? (I’m paraphrasing)” He responds, “well, that’s an option.” This indicates that the Doctor is indeed half human in my opinion, as being considered human is an option for him. I bring this up because I know some disagree with the sentiment that the Doctor is half-human, as was stated in the 8th Doctor movie. But those same people disputed the 12 regenerations as well, and Moffat confirmed that this was true, so it is logical with the above evidence to also assume that the Doctor is indeed human.

When watching the Doctors revisited, they mentioned that the inspiration for the 11th Doctor was the 2nd Doctor. I think this is reflected in the Great Intelligence as being so important to the 11th Doctor, as this enemy had only appeared before when fighting the 2nd Doctor. One of the second Doctor’s companions is Victoria, who is from the Victorian era. So much of the 11th Doctor’s story has been concentrated in the Victorian era lately, and this is where we meet the Great Intelligence. Oddly enough, they haven’t mentioned Clara’s dad’s name, but her mother’s name is Victoria :bulb: . Her mother seems to be important, as they’ve mentioned her a few times.

Also, I forget whether it was Clara from the Victorian age or her mother’s grave stone, but one of them had the date Sept 11th as a birthdate I believe, but it may have been the date of death. While this may not be at all significant, as the anniversary of the assassination of the American President John F. Kennedy is the date Doctor Who aired, then another date that is very significant in American history may be more than coincidence. Also, the eleventh corresponds to the 11th Doctor, although that is probably not significant.

Everytime Clara is introduced, she has been connected to Rory and Amy. The first time she was interacting with them, the second time her use of the word “Pond” got her the Doctor’s help, and the third time she was holding Amy’s book where she stored that ever precious leaf, which is also apparently important. As well, in the finale, she is still connected to River Song, although this may not be relevant.

Also, in the episode mentioned above, Clara was talking about a girl named Nina to Rory and ended up calling him that. When we meet Clara for the third time this last season, the kids that Clara takes care of are mentioned. It is said that Nina is watching them. Nina comes up twice with Clara, and this seems like an important detail.

Clara also seems to be connected to Susan. There are two things that make me say that. First, the trailer I mentioned above. Second, in the recent episode The Rings of Akhataen (probably misspelled, the second episode of season seven after Amy and Rory left), when Clara and the Doctor get to the planet, the Doctor mentions that he’s been there before, with his granddaughter.

In the finale, Clara was seen with the original seven doctors, but was noticeably absent from the 8th, 9th, and 10th Doctor’s stories. This must mean something, and as the recent [spoiler]minisode[/spoiler] demonstrates, this does seem to be of importance.

Some final thoughts before I finish this post. I realized the other day that the Doctor is only around a thousand years old, while Rory lived over two thousand years, which means that Rory is actually older than the Doctor himself. That blew my mind.[spoiler] I also think the 8th doctor is of importance, but I don’t have as many reasons for that. That being said, it was so awesome to see him back in that minisode and it would appear he may be more important than imagined. Even though unlikely, in the 8th Doctor movie, the Doctor seemed to already know what was going to happen to Grace. If the 8th Doctor is going to be important, it is possible that she is somehow important. While a wild and completely crazy idea, what if she somehow, being the first person we see the Doctor be romantic with, is the mother of Susan. The Doctor is half-human after all, and River Song clearly shows that his relationships are not linearly correct. Like I said, a crazy idea.[/spoiler]It would seem to me that Clara is definitely connected to Susan, the Second Doctor and Amy & Rory. Although this is also a little out there, I wonder if Clara is somehow Susan. This makes no sense as we know she has parents. This leads me to think that her mother is not dead, but is actually Susan. Susan was left on earth, and if she had to disguise herself, it would make sense that she had to disappear after regenerating. Clara’s mother does make some statement about always being there for her. Even though those ideas are crazy, I definitely think Clara is related to Susan somehow. I’ve also had the idea that she could be a descendent of Amy and Rory, but Amy wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids, which oddly enough was mentioned in the episode where we meet Clara for the first time. I want to think she is somehow part timelord, but that doesn’t seem likely. However, for her not to have become a dalek and for her to hack even the daleks, one must imagine that came from more than her being uploaded with hacking skills. It seems a little too close to the Doctor to me.

Alright, now that I’ve gotten that out of my mind, I think I’ll actually be able to sleep tonight. [spoiler]On the other hand, I’m so excited about the reappearance of the 8th Doctor in the minisode, that I might be up all night. [/spoiler]bounce: If anybody has any comments on this, please respond. I would love to discuss this topic a little bit more and get feedback on my ideas.

Just want to say I’ll be watching tonight :smile: I’ve missed too many episodes though, after David tennant I didn’t like the new doctor too much. But I’ve watched a lot on Netflix now :grin: still not every episode but i watched the final episode just today to be able to get what will be going on tonight. Hopefully :tongue:

I watched it in normal mode not 3D. You could tell what objects were meant to stand out. It seemed like a gimmick to get the ratings higher due to catching viewers just wishing to see the 3D effects.

It was good to see the interaction between the last two Doctors and the use of the sonic screwdriver to do a calculation over an extended period of time… only improvement would have been the use of River Song as the interface instead of Rose. But then again, I suppose she was representing the Chris Eccleston years.


I always said he was a bad choice for the role. IMO he only used the part to get more into the American market.

I liked the 50th, but I felt it was lacking in many ways. I wanted to see more from the entire history of the show and some more mystery. I kind of wanted it to be like the episodes at the end of the 4th series where the Daleks come back and Donna loses her memory after she clones the Doctor. With that said, I still liked the episode a lot.

Rose had to be there like she was, not just to represent the 9th Doctor, but because of other reasons. If she was Bad Wolf and could see through all of space and time and left those clues for herself and the Doctor, then of course she would have visited one of the most defining moments for the Doctor. However, I think it would have been nice to actually see Rose return, instead of just Bad Wolf. In particular, I think it would have been interesting to see the 10th & 11th Doctors meet with Rose and River Song. I think all four of them meeting would have been more interesting.

Did you watch ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’?
It was written by Peter Davidson, it was funny. :smile:

No I didn’t. Is that the one where the original 5 doctors meet, or is it something entirely different?

Quite a few Doctors in it. little teaser on youtube. It is on BBC iplayer for Uk people.

Oh, I hadn’t seen that. Amusing :razz:

Long story short, anyway, I loved the 50th. Plenty of adrenaline pumping moments and lots of fun!

I loved the 50th, very good episode. I personally feel this should have been Matt’s send off, but i suppose Moffat needed to use the shockingly bad Christmas episode to explain his new regeneration cycle.

I will surely miss Matt Smith, not a fan of Capaldi’s other work so not sure how I’m going to take to him.