Doctor Who?

I know there are at least a couple people on the forum that like Doctor Who. I recently got into it during the last Christmas episode and have since seen all of the modern Doctor Who episodes. I’m bored, so I thought it would be fun to create a discussion topic about your opinions on Doctor Who.

I’m curious to know the following things you think about Doctor Who, including why you think that.

  1. Who are your top three doctors (Overall, Classic, and Modern)?
  2. Favorite companion?
  3. Favorite episode?
  4. Least favorite doctor (Overall, Classic, and Modern)?
  5. Least Favorite Companion?
  6. Most underrated and overrated Doctor?
  7. Most underrated and overrated companion?

Here are my opinions:
(Disclaimer: I’ve only seen full episodes of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10, & 11th Doctors)
Overall: #1 10th doctor, #2 2nd doctor, #3 11th or 5th doctor (Hard time deciding, as I’ve only seen clips so far of the 5th doctor)
Classic: #1 2nd doctor, #2 5th doctor, #3 8th doctor
Modern: #1 10th doctor, #2 11th doctor, #3 9th doctor

  1. Rose Tyler (I don’t know why, I just seem to like her with the doctor)

  2. Honestly, no clue. Possibly the one in the modern series where Davros, the 10th doctor, and all of the 10th doctor’s friends from the modern series came together. Also, I like the one with Sally Sparrow and the weeping angels.

Overall: 6th doctor
Classic: 6th doctor
Modern: 9th doctor (Although I like the 9th doctor a lot, the 10th is the best in my opinion, and I alternate between liking the 11th doctor and disliking the 11th doctor)

  1. Martha (River Song is my least favorite if you consider her as a companion, which I don’t)

Most underrated doctor: The 8th doctor, as I thought he was really good, and only got a tiny amount of screen time.
Most overrated doctor: The 11th doctor. Like I said above, sometimes I really like the 11th doctor, but other times I can’t stand him.

Most underrated companion: Martha. Although she is one of my least favorite companions, it’s not because of her character, but more the story lines with her in them as well as her interaction with the doctor.
Most overrated companion: I don’t really have one, unless you count River Song as a companion.

  1. Who are your top three doctors (Overall, Classic, and Modern)?
    Tom Baker - he was a great doctor, enjoyed the part and was good with young fans
    David Tennant - he’s a brilliant actor with good timing in humourous scenes.
    William Hartell - because he was DOCTOR WHO. The original :smile:

  2. Favorite companion?
    Amy, she felt like the first companion who was allowed to be an equal of the doctor.

  3. Favorite episode?
    The Adipose one in which the doctor and Donna met up again.

  4. Least favorite doctor (Overall, Classic, and Modern)?
    Christopher Eccleston. He was terrible … bad actor, bad for the part. Hated him.

  5. Least Favorite Companion?
    Peri … companion of the 5th doctor. Her accent was awful and grating. I ended up not watching it.

  6. Most underrated and overrated Doctor?
    Most overrated … Christopher Eccleston (see above)
    Most underrated …Sylvester McCoy(Seventh Doctor) … The BBC kept changing the day the show was aired and the timing … even putting it against Coronation Street so it would lose viewers! Seemed to want to claim loss of viewer for a reason to stopping to making the series. Not very fair on the actor playing the doctor at the time.

  7. Most underrated and overrated companion?
    Most overrated … Rose Tyler
    Most underrated … I suppose the first two female ones. Susan (the grand daughter) and Barbara.

Will have to ponder the underrated ones overnight :spinning:

Mine will probably be very haphazard and random since I’m horrid at picking favorites, but here goes…

  1. I don’t really have a favorite Doctor of either era, I’m quite wishy-washy like that. But I’ll say Patrick Troughton for Classic, because he’s just adorable like that, and for Modern David Tennant. [spoiler]yes I know that’s the common answer but he had more time to develop than Nine and Eleven, though lovable, is more inconsistent.[/spoiler]

  2. Rose, because she was a very well-written character with a good back-story and she seemed very believable, albeit “normal”. River is a close second, and Susan Foreman a third (mainly because I like the idea of her, Doctor’s granddaughter and whatnot).

  3. I really can’t say, but my favorites from this half of the current season are The Rings of Akhaten and The Crimson Horror.

  4. Maybe William Hartnell actually, I liked him but he was the most mysterious and so a little confusing for a first.

  5. Jamie. He just constantly annoyed me.

  6. Overrated: David Tennant, definitely. For many people he’s THE Doctor, the only one.
    Underrated: Poor Paul McGann.

  7. Overrated: Amy Pond. I loved Amy but everything from her era seemed very focused on her above Rory or the Doctor all the time.
    Underrated: Martha Jones. She was really a good companion but overlooked in the modern era.

It’s funny. It seems like people either like Amy or hate her. Personally, I thought she was a good companion, particularly when Rory was in the episode as well, because it seemed like Amy was a lot closer to the Doctor than most of his companions, with the exception of ones like Rose. However, I would agree with you MagykKatte, that the episodes during Amy’s time were too focused on her.

I always want to know more about Susan (the Doctor’s granddaughter). It seems like she should be more important in the storyline, as she was the first companion of the doctors, as well as his granddaughter. Also, I am surprised that they never brought the doctor’s daughter (from the modern series 4 episode of the same name) back into the series, as they showed that she survived. You would think she would come back in the series somewhere.

It’s fun to read everyone’s opinions on the show. Hopefully more people will post.

My thoughts were they may use her in a spin off series … the Sarah Jane Chronicles was a childrens BBC series.

Now… could the original Susan be her daughter? :razz:

I had a theory earlier on that somehow Clara and Susan were related :razz:

Now I’m not Moffat’s biggest fan but it was very clever of him to make such a mystery out of Clara. It really shifted the focus away from comparing her to past companions, and so people are focused on finding out who she is.

That would be interesting. However, knowing that the first doctor supposedly had a family, I would assume that Susan descends from that family. Personally, I think that would be interesting if that turned out to be true and you saw Susan and the Doctor’s daughter come back at some point.

Yeah, I like Clara. I have two theories on her, both of which I’m sure aren’t even close to the truth. First, I think that she may be what she is because of Rose. I think that just like Captain Jack, Rose may have done something to keep Clara coming back into the doctor’s life. I assume that it has to do with the doctor’s name, as Clara is the only one to learn that so far (I know that River Song knows his name the first time they meet, but the time that the current doctor’s in, Clara has been the only one to learn his name). My second theory is that because Captain Jack is such an oddity, perhaps Clara is his daughter. Maybe because he’s a fixed point in time, she became some repeating fixed point in time. I doubt my second theory is correct seeing as though Captain Jack is not coming back for the 50th.

I haven’t seen a lot of Doctor Who. Just a bit of the Sixth Series (first half) though I’m in the process of getting the entire Classic Series downloaded so I can watch it. :smile: I’ll be sure to come back and let everyone know what I think… though I second MagykKatte… I’m horrible at picking favorites and I’ll probably just end up saying I like them all. :razz: