Does an absent-minded personality make lucid dreams harder?

I am a guy who can sometimes be a bit forgetful, and can have my head in the clouds every now and then - I was just wondering if this makes lucid dreaming more complicated than necessary?
It’s nothing extreme or anything, I can definitely remember things if they are important, but I guess I forget things just a tad more often than others, so maybe this will affect lucidity as well?
I have had a few successful lucid dreams in my life (I haven’t really tried that much though, can’t seem to wanna focus on it too much for some reason :peek:), but I’ve also had those nearly successful lucid moments when I realize it must be a dream, but then just don’t really do anything about it. :tongue:

i dont think it will make it more complicated unless it lowrs ur DreamReacal

From my own experience I can say that it definitely helps to keep a DJ, think about dreams, ‘work’ with dreams, reading a lot about it… it kind of creates an anchor in your subconscious.

I noticed that when I had 2 very VERY obvious hints to my DJ in a ND just a few days after I started it. I guess everything which makes you more focussed on dreaming in general could help you remembering better.

Just don’t overdo it, I wouldn’t want to be so focussed on dreams that I forget the importance of RL stuff. :grin:

I’m also sometimes absent-minded and I get very easily distracted.
I don’t think that it lowers your chances to have a LD in general though, but it’s very hard for me to concentrate on things like LL and doing RC’s regularly…

I’m absent minded too, and like Leijona, I always forget to do RC’s and practice LL… Well, I put a reminder inside my wallet to remember me to ask a critical question, so I ask myself if I’m dreaming or not sometimes. But I tend to get distracted more easily than other people too, which makes MILD somewhat hard.