Does anyone else often not care that they're dreaming?

Welcome back to my series, Let’s Read Dumb Questions By BlueGecko! In the last post, we talked about being afraid of testing reality, but here, it looks like there’ll be questions about not caring about lucidity! So when we left off, I just found the second Golden Banana in the Quest for Lucidity forum. But between posts, I realized something… [spoiler]Why yes, I have been watching too many let’s plays.[/spoiler]

Okay, okay. I’ll post normally! So, what I’m getting to here is that several times in my dreams recently, I’ve almost acknowledged that I was dreaming, but didn’t seem to care. It was sort of like “If I weren’t dreaming right now, I’d be pretty amazed.” Don’t get me wrong, if I’d really thought about it, I’d probably jump on top of the chance to have a lucid dream, but somehow I don’t notice it at all.

I think it’s probably due to the fact that I have rather little dream recall (my journal is something of an ancient fossil now), and am not as motivated for a lucid dream as I used to be. So, I suppose I have the general problem figured out, and I don’t figure anybody here would have a magic dream recall machine, so honestly, I don’t really need to post here. Still, I suppose I mostly just wanted to ask if anyone else ever had this problem. Anyone?[/spoiler]

Hullo, this is Laurelindo, and welcome to Let’s Respond To BlueGecko! :grin:

I had a similar dream like this a few weeks ago, where I was nervous because I was in a horrible city and wanted to get back home but I couldn’t afford a train ticket - and then suddenly I thought “haha okay, it’s just a dream anyway, I will wake up from this soon”.
The strange (and annoying) thing was that I never thought of all the possibilies I had from there, I was just content that this was a dream, “and that’s it!”.
I was sort of semi-lucid, in the sense that I vaguely realized that it wasn’t real, but I still didn’t understand that I could be in control.

Hey, at least you don’t sound like what I did a few times. “Hey cool, this a dream and I’m lucid. What am I gonna do now? Oh, nothing. I liked the normal dream.” Or another time, “Hey, I’m lucid, and I wanna get to an alien planet, but I can’t teleport. I’ll wait to be lucid until I get to the planet.” I got the planet but never regained lucidity. Lost lucidity all those times in favor of how the dreams previously were.

Heh, the stupidity of my conscience in dreams isn’t like anything in waking life. But if I were to compare it to something, it would be the phrase “Hmm, a dreamsign. . . . Now what’s that supposed to mean again? Something like . . . magazine? No. Flu meme? Nah-uh. Lucid dream? . . . Naw, that’s probably not it either.” :facepalm: The problem isn’t how, or when, or even why, but kind of a weird combination of them. “Wyw.” Even problem analysis in dreams doesn’t make sense for me! :wink:

I´d say my problem with lucid dreaming is a lack of motivation.

This is my problem too… And I have some sleep disorders that prevent me from LD-ing [size=50](I often feel tired even if I sleep for hours, nightmares :bored: )[/size] I practice Sporadic Awareness technique in these weeks, write my DJ every day and no Lucids. :confused:

It’s really hard to maintain motivaton if you have (for example) short lucids and sleep disorders.

I just can’t realize that i was dreaming until is morning; I mean not that I wasn’t lucid , the problem is that I can’t realize that I’m doing anything til morning, is like it never existed, or sometimes I just have images, not actions, I rarely see some actions and from 1 or 2 month I haven’t remembered any dream, dose anyone have the same problem?

This happened to me, I am really annoyed with myself after dreams like this. I think the reason is that one’s awareness is not high enough, but keep it up and you will care that you are dreaming!

@sandanx: Browse the forum a bit, there are some great guides about how to increase DR in the Knowledge Base.