does anyone have a lucid dream almost every night?

Hi to anyone who’s reading, :content:

    [i]I'm new to LD4all[/i], and I guess I decided to post a topic. Pretty much the subject says it all. [u][color=darkred]I was wondering if any of you guys have a real lucid dream almost every night?[/color][/u] I don't expect many replies, but I wouldn't mind a few. hehe  :tongue:. I'm asking this question because there's something that I really need to do, someone I really need to see, and some place I really want to visit. I can't do it in reality, and when I heard about Lucid Dreaming - I immidiatly became interested. I'm only wishing every night before I fall asleep that I will have that special LD. [b]Thanks for taking the time to read this, and possibly replying![/b] And if your interested in talking or becoming friends, just send me a message [size=150]vvv[/size]  :wink:

Hey! and welcome to the forums. :content:

There are people who have LD’s every single night!

I think when people say that with lucid dreaming you can do anything you can imagine, they’re not kidding!

I beleive there are a few master LD’ers here. One that I know of is Writerscube… Take a look at his DJ and see for yourself! … riterscube

And I’m open for talking and friend-making. :grin:

Hi Matt!

Gee thanks! I just posted this and I already got a reply! :happy: Wow don’t I sound dorky with that whole “Gee” thing :tongue:. Well anyways…thanks for that link! I’ll definatly go check it out! :wiske: And I really hope I can become one of those people who have LD’s very often! Just message me anytime! I’d love to hear about your experiences with LD’s!

Lucid dreaming is like any other skill, really. You just have to practice. You have to have some patience and be persistent too since it might take some time to get really good. It depends on the dreamer too, though…

And motivation is the best thing for LDs!

thanks for those words of thought. i want to be able to become a great lucid dreamer so much…:sleep: btw i read some of the stuff on that link you sent me…and WOAHH! now that guy has some talent huh? :bow: hehe

“Kid” hehe.

There are naturals, and not everybody can become natural - it usually takes a change of thoughts and sometime even of sleep pattern.

But if you have the will, you will get there.

Yeah, very increadible. I mean, imagine creating a whole world in your mind! :eek:

And for me, luckily, LD’ing has been like a snow ball:
motivation -> practice
practice -> more/better LD’s
more/better LD’s -> more motivation

LD’ing is only hard if you make it hard. Since it’s to do with your brain, you set the limits. Don’t ever get the impression it’s hard, it isn’t.
When you get a LD, it is so worth it. Anything you ever desire is at your finger tips, It’s awesome :smile:.

Lucid dreaming is a skill man has.
Therefore it is up to you to set your own limits.
If you believe it’s easy, then it is.
If you believe it’s the hardest thing of the world, then don’t expect to have any lucid dreams…

I do lucid dream, almost always, daily

what I do, with my lucid dreams, is not usually free-form jazz, but fumbling around with familiar habits which no longer interest me.

I read about the gates of dreaming 2 nights ago and this caused me to experiment with lucidity, going back into my body then stepping beside it, which was very interesting.

This also caused me today to inspect my dream to see if I could find something that was shifting, but most things were not shifting at all.

If you sit down and type your dreams eventually you really, truly, remember every dream you’ve ever had in your entire life, but not in sequential order, just in random snippets.

Then, as you meditate throughout the day a random dream scene will come back to memory and you will understand “ah, that’s why I dreamed that 7 years ago”
but it doesn’t seem to matter a lot, lol!

the most powerful thing you can learn is VILD, visualization, just see yourself, right now even, in a dream, look at anything in your imagination and pretend you are touching it, this is a tricky one, but it will have the highest rewards.

First of all I would just like to thank all of you who took your time to answer my forum. I know it doesn’t sound like much - “Oh wow I sent you a message”. :beer: <— to you :gni:

Now here I’m going to answer everyone in one message, so just look for your name :wiske: [and if you’re wondering I do enjoy smilies a lot :yes:) Anyways…

TWILIGHTDREAMER: I actually thought a lot about what you said, and thanks for adding that little boost of modivation at the end. hehe. I’ll really be looking into that sleep pattern idea…I really need one anyway, I’m so jumbled up :tongue:

MATTIASDAVIS: That’s so true, he created that whole world inside his own head - simply amazing. I also have a question for you - do you have LD’s every now and then, or is more of like a easy coming kind of thing? :spinning:

ALTHEMAN9993: I really hope your right when you say it’s worth it having LD’s. (I’m sure you are :content:) I’ve gone through soooome trouble [kinda] with this. hehe. I know your right because once I finally learn, I won’t regret trying. That one special thing I want to do is waiting for me right inside my head. I’m glad you gave me that advice. From now on instead of thinking and saying to myself that “It’s just to d*** hard” I’ll say how simple it can be. :whew:

SRV73: Pretty much what i said to Altheman9993 applies to you, except that I think I will start planning my limits; even though I might still be confused. :confused:

EYELIDS: You’re so lucky how often your LD’s occure. I only hope that I can do so one day too :biggrin:. And you’re right, sometimes even when I’m thinking to myslef in the morning if I had any dreams - when I think that I didn’t…I have clips randomly popping into my head. Then I say “Oh yeah! Duh!” hehe. I’m going to look for some books on LD’s tomorrow and I’m planning to get a Dream Journal, but I’m still deciding if I want to be able to type it. So we’ll see how that goes :tongue: P.S. I think tonight I’ll start visualizing myself in a dream like you suggested at the end of your post. Thanks a lot for that! It sounds like a really good idea. <3

Well that was all so far, and thanks again for all your guys’ tips and modivational words. hehe. I’d love to hear from you again! :smile:

Message me! <3

During the summer I use the WBTB method and have one almost everyday. This is many because WBTB is my usual sleep patter during the summer. They are faint but lucid dreams

oh really?! thats really lucky! if all else fails i might try that technique! :grin:

I suggest you try this program called Infinity. It was made by a Lucid dreamer for a Lucid dreamer, It shows all the techniques(Most common ones) and a 7 step day tutorial for getting lucid dreams.

[[software] Infinity - PDF Available)

HOORAY!! Somebody else who uses the words ‘Gee’ whilst being serious!! :hugs:

First of all :welcome:

hehe! It’ll be nice to see you around here!
Second of all,
I am very lucky, I dream every night, and most nights they are lucid dreams, my problem is remembering them!

I know, I know, you’re thinking: “Then how does that muppet know she has?”
I don’t really know, but I get that feeling throughout the day when you remember, also, I can recall LD’s better than ND’s so for that split second I wake up, I know I dreamt, then I go to recall it and I’ve forgotten what it was about!! :rofl:
Talk about your bad luck!!

Feel free to PM me!!

:peek: I’m not shy… friends are fun!

Hi Tundra!

I’m really glad I heard from you! Thanks for the welcoming, that smiley was so cute! And hehe yeah…I use “Gee”, I’m a dork-ish person :tongue:

Anyway, you’re so lucky! Would you mind if I asked you a couple questions, nothing personal like WHAT you dream about; just like how and how long. Simple stuff like that, but if you don’t want too I completely understand. :wiske: I usually am shy :peek: in person, but not at all in writing. [hehe I know that sounds kinda pathetic, but hey! oh well… :grin:]

I’ll definatly take you up on that offer about PM’ing you! :content: Oh, one thing though…it’s kinda random…but. Your name, “Tundra” - is that a font type? It sounds familiar! Talk to you soon! <3

Hi Altheman9993!

Hey thanks for that link! I’m glad you were nice enough to do that! I think I’m going to check that out as soon as I get back on the computer :user: . I hope that really helps. Cheers to you! :partying_face: :beer: :cheer: :mrgreen_hat: :handshake: Haha okay sorry for all the smilies, I got a little carried away and couldn’t choose just one for that topic!


Tundra, “muppet” really made me laugh. :shy:

The WBTB method is really good. It’s kind of a pain, because you have to get up early and all, but it usually gives great results. Maybe not for having LD’s at will, but it’s good to have some LD’s and practice, I guess.

oh, and more dorks are always welcome! :nuu:

Hurrah for dorks! :happy:

We must initiate our new recruit soon…perhaps we shall make her…eat delicious muffins! Many muffins - or pie! Yess…



Yeah, I’m a dork. Now back to the primary subject!

OK, so I’m a major new recruit myself to lucid dreaming. It does take practice, and a little bit of study (but most people are motivated enough by the prospect of LDing to get past that…:cool_laugh:), but just last night I had my third ever lucid dream without any sort of technique.

However, I have had one slight drawback of losing a little bit of a grip on normal reality. You should know that true lucid dreaming involves becoming more aware of reality, rather than dismissing it. It never actually had a major effect on me, but it did briefly shape my normal life into something less in touch with true reality.

If you ever wanna discuss your dreams, or ask for help as a lucidity newbie, I am totally there for you - PM me or just post a thread in the appropriate forum, and all of us will undoubtedly respond.

Welcome - see ya around!

Hey there Demios Braun,

Lol I liked that little joke part in the beginning! And I think I will be asking you some questions, I’m just kind of curious. I have had a few LD’s but, the 1st 2 I can’t remember - and the last one I woke up right after I realized I was dreaming. :cry: Kinda sucks but oh well. :tongue: So, just message me anytime, I’d like to hear about your dreams too! And if I have any luck I can PM you to let you know?! I’m a big newbie too, I look at all these experienced people and I’m just like…“Ughh! I wish I could do that :bambi:” Oh well, one day. I’m trying this new LD program I got from a friend who posted on here. It’s called Infinity. I’m even reading both of Stephen LaBerges’ books on LD’s. [If you’re wondering he’s a LDexpert] So I’m hoping with some practice I’ll have that first real LD :biggrin:. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s really easy, I got that advice from someone who posted a responce - but at the time I don’t remember which one! (Sorry). And hey, I was wondering - like you probably read, I’m new to LD4all; and I was wondering if you could tell me what those stars under your name represent? Thanks a lot! :handshake: Nice meeting you! Hope to be friends!