Does anyone have experience with the Shakti device?

I came across this device on this very forum. It’s a piece of head-gear which you wear that changes your brainwaves and can facilitate OBEs, NDEs and the like. I am considering picking up the basic model for about $100, but before I start saving my money I’d like to know if anyone has tried it.

Here is what the Shakti is.

Sounds like a scam.

Well you’d think so…except I happen to live an hour away from the University where the professor that developed it works…and I’ve seen it on TV…and I’ve read about it in books :tongue:
I’m quite sure it’s not a scam :smile:

So buy it, try it, and tell us if it works. :tongue:

In a few weeks, I may do that :grin:

Is it the one from Persinger Josh?
If so im very suprised its out there for sale.I saw a documentary on Discovery and they also spoke with people who went through Persingers experiments with it.Indeed optimistic and promising results.
If he signs it im up to get it too.Now i need to somehow earn 100 dol.

So if you are ambidexterous or left handed, you can’t have an OBE? Or did I read that wrong?

Yup, this is the one. I don’t think Dr. Persigner has anything to do with this particular device but he did do the research that made building it possible.

I didn’t read anything about that, but maybe it has something to do with which parts of the brain left handed/ambidexterous people use, etc. The device could probably be adjusted to get around this problem :smile:

Ohhhh… this thing!! I recall watching this special, called “God on the Brain” on Discovery.

that explains the… er… duct tape… ROFL

I believe there is a ‘non-duct tape’ version available also :tongue:

Wow, I love technology. Ive almost got OOBE’s down, but why not have something to train me to consciously do it. Thats wild, hope you decide to go for it and tell us what you think :happy:

But what I read said something about the part of your brain that controls OBEs is on the right side, and if you are ambidexterous you are not compatible with the asymmetrical arrangement of the coils when inducing an OBE.

Well, learn to write with your right hand real quick, then think about buying the machine :tongue:

Heh, call me crazy, but Im pickin up the 8 magnet set :grin: im just too damn curious to wait. ill tell u all whats up when i get it. check this out as well, i got a lot o mula to spend and decided to do some searchin. gonna have to get me some of that as well(i love free government money. my lazy ass just meditates and dreams all day and they pay me)

Since youre spending hard working peoples money we hope its for a good cause and we hear the reports soon:)
Good luck.

I don’t think we’ll ever hear from them again.
Here is why:

  1. They’ll get such a good results they won’t come back from the dreaming realm, or
  2. They’ll get so magnetised they’ll get stuck to some iron fences, or
  3. They’ll kill themselves for wasting a lot of money on these scams :smile:

I hope the reson is no 1 :smile:

Oh, Ill be spreadin the word. I figure itll help me out with my photographic memory, because the way it looks to me is that it kinda puts you back into the state that you were when you were a kid. That is usually when people get their special traits, so if it does what it says than lots is possible. Ill definitely be makin a topic on this site if I start gettin wild mental abilities from it. Dont worry I wouldn’t forget about all of you :smile:

Sounds cool… now all I need is a way to smuggle it into the house past my parents… and, oh yeah, $100. ROFL!

I have more faith in the shakti device than those pills, even though that sounds like a big scam as well.

Ok, well be skepticle because money doesn’t come to you too easily. I just have a feeling about it because if it does work than it would be coming in at the right point in my life. Besides, Im getting money to go to school and live for free so I dont really care either way. If they do work though, itll be crazy. Besides Im plannin on giving up all material possessions when I get out of another 3 semesters of college so what do I have to lose, its only 1 life out of 6 billion, why not live life by chances and risks, itll only make it more interesting.