does anyone have like a training program or something?

my deal is i have good dream recall and have one major dream sign (the skies are always dark in my dreams for some reason), but i can’t get any farther than that. it makes me so mad because i tell myself in bed that anything that happens from now on is a dream and i’m going to realize it. but when the time actually comes, i never do. then i wake up and i remember my dreams and i’m like “bitch… why couldn’t i have realized it?” i think i’m trying to teach myself improperly or something so is there a proper training technique for learning to realize that you’re dreaming in a dream? that’s like the ideal technique for me in becoming lucid. wild scares me and i don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night for anything. i know for sure i can teach myself to just naturally realize i’m dreaming when it happens if i knew the proper way to learn it.

Um. Wow. Calling yourself a… bad name isn’t exactly good for the subconcious.

Everyone on the forum has taught themselves. Of course, they’ve gotten help from others including helpful tips and alternate techniques, but when it comes down to it, no one else can have a LD for you. You have to have it yourself.

Recognizing dream signs is definitely a good start. Just have yourself RC everytime you see dark skies (i.e. it’s raining out, or it’s nighttime). It should come.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s no “right” way and no “wrong” way to LD. There are either LD’s or not. Either that or I’m really freaking tired.

i’m going to question reality as many times as i can from now on. that sounds like an exercise.

BenDrummin made one not too long ago. Send him a PM asking if he still can get a copy to you.

cool. thanks.

When practising autosuggestion, you can add this too: you remember your last dream dark skies, you imagine that you perform a RC, that it works and makes you realize it’s a dream.

I think that:
-performing RC’s and questioning reality when you see something special in the sky.
-while going to sleep, imagining a dream with a dark sky which makes you lucid,
-repeating a sentence like “Tonight, I’ll realize I’m dreaming” once you’re well relaxed and just before falling asleep,
will be far enough to have a LD. Good luck! :smile: