Does anyone here blog?

I’m kind of looking for some new blogs to read, maybe on the topics of philosophy or religion. So i thought i would ask the question… Does anyone here blog or know of any good blogs?

Mine is in my profile if you are looking for one to read.

Thanks for the help!

I used to blog a bit but I’ve never really stuck with it…I’m not sure if it’s because I’m lazy, or bad at blogging (or both!). Maybe I should make a stronger effort?

Anyway, I used to read this blog on a fairly regular basis. Lot’s of interesting stuff about philosophy and religion here, especially if you go back over some of the author’s older posts, in case you’re still interested. However, it looks as though he has moved his blog to another site now…

I also used to keep a video blog on youtube. Actually, I had some good times there with the odd LD4all member in the past. But like my other blogs it has gone the way of the dinosaur.