does anyone know...

hey is it possible if your in a dream and you start to feel your physical body through your dream and you know your waking up can you whirl yourself or rub your hands you get the dream back and if so which is better? thx :smile:

I don’t know if there is any “better” solution to that. Last night, when I was in a lucid dream, I tried spinning around without any success. You might want to try both at diferent times to see which works for you.

yea ill try the hands because last night i tried spinning and i felt the dream strengthen and then i just lost it

I usually try to find an object or something, even a wall or the ground, and try to feel its texture and focus on its color. I find it works better than rubbing my hands together.

Everyone’s different, so it might not work for you. Worth a try though. :content:

Yesterday i had a lucid dream where i tried to do an old quest.The problem was that i woke up,while i was waking up i tried to open and then close my eyes a couple of times but couldn’t stay in the dream.It happened once more i thought i had read somewhere over here that if you blink a couple of times you could stay but i was wrong i didn’t do the quest and i lost two lucid dreams :cry: :cry:

That’s too bad Dawn’sDeath. It’s also too bad you’re dead.