Does attaining lucidity become easier with time?

After having one of my ‘will I ever have a LD’ sessions, I’ve noticed that after a while, my dreams have been become more and more LD related, for example, think of reality checks, people talking about dreams etc. But I think that’s more to do with my confidence.

What about when you start to LD, does it get easier afterward because it simply becomes routine, or just a general increase in awareness and being able to distinguish between a dream and waking life?

it doesnt really become routine, but i guess you do tend get an increased awareness. Also, your body gets used to having LDs and you sometimes get one without trying. But really, you get more LDs when youre experienced at WILD, so at a certain point you can get a guaranteed WILD, so you’re having LDs every night. I guess it improves your confidence too, if you have at least 1 LD a week. So keep trying :woo:

If you need any inspiration on the subject, there is a very similar topic.

At first it may come in waves where you will get a period of many LDs and then a period of regular dreams. It really depends on many factors such as being tired, or stressed, these things may affect your lucid state.
To achieve a constant flow of LDs I recommend reading about it before sleeping or affirming over and over again that you will become conscious in your dream etc.

I think it is both… I mean it tends to become a bit of a routine and of course, you do enhance your awareness of things.

My experience has been that if I make it a part of my life, rather than back-of-the-mind style (as posting in this community will help do), the LDs come. As in, I can pick it back up with more ease (even though I haven’t LDed for long).

My best advice would be good WBTBs where you stay up for an hour or so. I am a student, so I generally quit doing hw earlier than normal at night (awesome!) and wake up mid-sleep and continue working. It’s usually tough to get back to sleep, but that way I know I stayed up long enough. When I first started doing this method, I thought to myself that anyone who practices this method over time must see some LDs. I really hope it works for you!

tough to get to sleep? so I noticed :eh: maybe that works for you but when I do WBTB 2 hours before rising time, I sometimes don’t get back to sleep before I have to get up for the day. Besides, I thought that you are supposed to be sleepy not awake, so you are closer to REM.

Yeah, I know what you mean, so I leave enough time to I can at least lay in bed for around an hour and a half, I figure I will fall asleep in that time. I don’t know all the details of it, but the way I feel it happens is that I become alert enough so after returning to sleep my mind can resurface and notice that “I” am now in a dream.

I tried for 3-4 months, then i had an LD, 2 weeks after another one, and now im here, waiting for my third :happy:.

It definitely does. I remember when I first started, it came somewhat slowly, but then the frequency at which I experienced LD’s increased almost exponentially. After only a few months, I recorded 40+ LD’s in one month, then I decided I didn’t want to put in the effort, and the dreams subsequently stopped. I’m getting back into it for the third time now. The lesson to learn here: The amount of effort you put into it directly correlates to the results you will achieve.


Heck yes it does.

It’s been a long process for me, taking several months to achieve just one little sliver of lucidity. Then I had another about two months later, and another about a month after that. Over time they became more frequent and less fragmented. Now I have at least 1 to 4 fragments a month, and have had several very clear and vivid LD’s. I guess it’s my mind getting accustomed to it. The hardest part was just getting the first one.

Not necessarily.
I remember when I started lucid dreaming…you know, you always try then…I didn’t get them often.

But now I either don’t think about it or just say that I want to have a lucid dream and what I want to do…and something like that…I just get them more frequently.

I got 4 LDs in the last 4 days like that, excluding today.
It’s not necessarily the effort that counts, but will.
The will to lucid dream.
The intention to lucid dream.

Sometimes I get LDs while not even wondering if I will get them…I don’t think what if I don’t…like, it’s out of question…like, ‘‘lol, what? Of course I’ll get a lucid dream’’.

Trying too hard can make it harder.

Lucid dreaming is not a passive activity. LaBerge, in EWLD, says that “it depends on your dream recall, motivation, how much you practice, and a factor we can call ‘talent for lucid dreaming.’ […] Virtually everyone who stays with it improves through practice (page 58, emphasis added).” Practice is an active verb; it is not a passive thing. Call it whatever you may — effort, motivation, will, whatever — it takes effort. You may very well experience lucid dreams with little effort on your part, and that’s great. Yet imagine how much more often you could enjoy them if you did put some thought into it. Why would you settle for less? ShinyBlueStar, if you keep at it, they’ll come. Don’t settle for the mediocre.

Well, of course, dream recall improves over time and you kinda get used to lucidity.
But it doesn’t depend just on that.

I mean, if you are an experience lucid dreamer and you lose the motivation and will entirely…well, it won’t work.

It gets easier , not with time , but as you get better at it… Just like any other skill. swimming, playing the guitar, or lucid dreaming.

As you get better at (playing the guitar) it, what is actually happening, is your understanding becoming ‘fuller’. if you just take a guitar for the first time in your life, even though you’ll know what you need to do, you’ll probably suck at it. But as you’ll play more and more, your body & mind will begin to understand what playing the guitar is which will make it easier and more natural to play the guitar. —> you will play the guitar easily and better…

same thing…

Brilliant analogy.

Yes, yes and yes.

…But you’ll have to do stuff like WILD, you can’t just wait hoping for an LD, that could take some time :O!

like these two quotes…not much to add

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