Does being left or right sided brain orientated effect lucid

Sorry i meant lucidity there. Anyway, i took a quiz on some website and i discovered that i was left brained or that i use the left side of my brain more than my right. This means i like logical and numerical kind of stuff and i don’t do creative stuff. Now the interesting thing is that the right side controls like imagination and creativity like artsy stuff like drawing and fiction writing. Could being left brain orientated effect peoples attempts to lucid dream? And maybe could this be the reason why it takes people longer than others to lucid dream? And if so how could one equalize the sides? Any thoughts would be appreciated! :smile:

If being left-brained effected lucidity in any way, it certainly isn’t a bad thing. I scored a 17 to 1 in favor of the left side on that test in the Lucid Labratory - and I achieve lucidity every second day or so.

I don’t think it effects your ability to LD, though I’d be interested to see the science relating the two. Perhaps left-brained people can more easily have LDs? :grin: