Does being left or right sided brain orientated effect lucid

Sorry i meant lucidity there. Anyway, i took a quiz on some website and i discovered that i was left brained or that i use the left side of my brain more than my right. This means i like logical and numerical kind of stuff and i don’t do creative stuff. Now the interesting thing is that the right side controls like imagination and creativity like artsy stuff like drawing and fiction writing. Could being left brain orientated effect peoples attempts to lucid dream? And maybe could this be the reason why it takes people longer than others to lucid dream? And if so how could one equalize the sides? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

You would definitely use your left-side in lucid dreaming. You would use logical deduction to deduce that you are dreaming and are not in the real world. Ever think about that? :razz: Also, dream worlds (mine, at least) are usually loosely based on logic (like if you go onto a tall building and jump off you might fall at first or the sky is blue and there’s gravity and everyday normal stuff.)

I can see your point about right-brained people apparently being more creative, and perhaps having a larger chance of inducing LDs, but I can assure you it’s not correct.

I scored a pretty one-sided 17 to 1 in favour of the left side on that test in the Lucid Labratory. This tends to fit fairly well with my life, in terms of organisation and tidyness. However, I have very few problems inducing LDs, with one every two to three days on average.

I agree with Shadow in that the left side of your brain is, if not necessary, then extensively used in LDs. Without logic the world wouldn’t make geographical sense, nor would most actions generate the appropriate results.

It would be interesting to test this somehow. Are there any right-dominant people here who frequently achieve lucidity?

Left or right could also be related to wich side is most connected to your own selfawereness…some ppls self awareness is more rational related and some ppl are more emotional connected with their self awareness…because its your consciousness selfawareness that makes u lucid in a dream…

That was an interesting question. By what I understand, it takes your left-brain to realize you are dreaming, right?

I mean people dream about LD all the time but maybe their right-brain is creatively thinking about the topic while the unaware right-brain is just filling in the physics and attributes of RL.

I’ve heard that left-brain and right-brain are misconceptions about the location of logic and creativity, and they should only be used as definitions. Not to be sexist or anything, but males are said to use the (left/right?) part of their brain more thus uhm ‘liking’ 3-D concepts like automotive engineering while women use their (?) part of brain and ‘like’ things like language more. To add to this, people actually live with half of their brains and they haven’t suddenly lost their math skills or forgot how to write. The brain, as insanely complex as it may be, can’t be categorized with ‘left-brain’ does this…

I think left-sided people have a distinct advantage in getting lucid, since they use more logic, meaning they are more self-aware in dreams.

What help is creativeness when you can’t use it since the person isn’t able to snap into realizing he’s dreaming? :happy:

I scored 16-2 that I’m right-brained. shrug

This test doesn’t seem to be very accurate from my point of view, and it lacks pratical exercises and more of a variety of questions. I took it just for fun, and I tried to answer as honestly as possible, but I wasn’t too clear on some of the questions since I could have marked either answer for a few questios.

What did surprise me was this: “You responded as a right brained person to 0 questions, and you responded as a left brained person to 18questions”

I can see it as partly true, but I am often very creative. 0 of 18…what’s the chance of that! 2^18? (I forgot finite math) That’s an alarming answer though…

I guess Jeff has a very good point:
in the short term this could mean that if you’re left side oriented better choose methods for left sided people, if you’re right side oriented choose methods for right sided people. For example critical testing versus imagination methods.
In the long term, learn to use both parts of your brain to maximize your odds of getting lucid.

Brainhacker…that was indeed my point!
That was what I tried to make clear!



id just like to know where this test is. id like to find out what ‘side’ i am. i think im rightsided…


The test can be found here:

This was initially posted in the Lucid Lounge section of the forum, in this thread:

thanx Atheist, and its just as i thought, im 13/5 for the right side :smile: too bad i cant help with the experiment though, i havent had an ld yet :sad:

Interesting topic. I just did the ‘test’ and found that I scored 10 for right, and 8 for left. I suppose that explains why I am both artistic and interested in science - a mixed up sort of person ? :content:

I recently read in a very good german book about lucid dreaming (“Schöpferisch träumen”) it is supposed that both brain parts work together in an optimal way during an LD. This is already proven for deep states of meditation.
So in the end you have the best result you can have, no matter if you are left- or right-sided.



Where’s this test?

I got same as sleepyhead, 10 for right side, and 8 for left.
But, I feel that some of the questions were bad, and some of the answers I got were a bit off in my opinion. + I suck at maths… It was pretty short test though, and might not be very accurate because of that… has some brain related tests like iqtests, they might have one also…

The test can be found at the link in my previous post, just three posts up from yours :smile:

I scored 12-6, left brained. I guess it sounds about right, maybe that’s why I’m so confused…i don’t know which side of my brain to use, especially with major decision-making :bored:

I got 15 for the left and 3 for the right. Never lucid dreamed yet though… :neutral: