Does chocolate affect Dreaming?

It helped me have my longest LD During the summer last year. Of course it could just be Chocolate Placebo @_@

Yep - I ate some fudge, along with a huge amount of ice cream at my friends house, and had an LD!

hooray, too bad I’m sick and can’t eat dairy for now. I will get my Chocolate Induced LD later. Mmmmm Chocolate.

maybe carob could work as well as chocolate, who knows?

It could have something to do with the small amounts of Caffeine present in chocolate. Many people have noted that caffeine helps your mind stay more aware during sleep. Chocolate doesn’t have a lot of caffeine, but if you eat a large amount of chocolate, it’s probably the same effect. Not to mention the dopamine and serotonin present. I’d say that drinking a can of pop before you go to bed might have a similar effect, though probably lessened due to the lack of dopamine and serotonin in pop.

Nevertheless, I’ma definitely give this a try!

How’d it go Keegster and… What is Carob???

I ate about a quarter of a (big) bag of Hershey’s Kissables (those mini candy-coated kisses) before I went to bed last night. I had a weird dream where I had to play the same part in a play I did almost 10 years ago without any rehearsal, weird situation. But I didn’t manage to get lucid.

I’ve been downing chocolate all day today, we’ll see how things go tonight.

Well, chocolate (and all sweets for that matter) are said to make a brain hyperactive. Notice most of these replys said that they ate lots of it first. Well, I’m guessing that it triggers hyperactivity in dreams, thus making them lucid. Theory.

Notice he says he also ate a bunch of ice cream. That has lots of sugar in it too. I’ll try eating more swet things instead of chocolete.

I ate some raisins and those are really sweet and packed with sugars, just not the same kind of sugar in chocolate.

Would those count, I am trying to eat healthy now so that I might receive more Lucid dreams cuz I read that some guy went from junk food to a “really health conscious” diet and got Lucid every day.

I am hoping that it is not just chocolate ( although I love chocolate and refuse to give it up completely ) but anything with sugar after reading bc’s post.

I always seem to remember more dreams when I have chocolate milk before bed. I think I’ll down two glasses and see what happens.

I’ve been in a total dry spell for a while now-- maybe some chocolate could help bring the LD’s back! :happy: I’ll give this a shot tonight, and if anything interesting happens, I’ll be sure to come back here and post it. :gni:

I didn’t have a LD for a few months, and last night i had one or two cups of hot chocolate (usually never drink or eat chocolate) before i went to bed and i had a long LD, actually one of the best I ever had. I didn’t think of the chocolate until i saw this topic this morning after i woke up! :eek:
After this i believe chocolate has got to have some sort of affect on dreams!
I’ll have chocolate tonight too!

I don’t think it’s the caffeine because I’ve been drinking coffea and energy drinks every day the last year(lots of caffeine ;D), or could it be the small dose of caffeine? Small enough to let me fall asleep early but large enough to keep my mind conscious?

WHY DOESN’T ANYONE WANNA TELL ME WHAT CAROB IS… and what does vitamin b6 have to do with your dreaming?

I’ll try drinking some hot chocolate tonight :wink:

Carob <-------- seems to be some kind of bean, like cocoa.

Thank You. And what kind’s of chocolate did you guy’s eat cuz i can’t seem to replicate the effects of chocolate anymore. :sad:

For about a week now i have been on a steady chocolate diet. I am quite the chocolate connoisseur and have the stuff i have been eating has been AT LEAST 60% pure chocolate. I have been eating loads of it especially before bed noticing how much of a stimulant chocolate truly is and I can say that it has affected all aspects of my dreams. I have noticed a definite increase in dream vividness and have woken out of dreams with a racing heart rate only to eat even more chocolate and dive back into my new chocolatized dreaming realm. Along with achieving lucidity several times during this chocolate adventure my sexual dreams have been absolutely amazing. I still have about a pound of chocolaty goodness left and will continue my adventures because although it is addictive, the benefits for me have been through the roof.

:eh: coulterIV, … maybe you should put away chocolade for a few days…


/me after reading that topic goes to kitchen, searching for chocolade bar

Ya, listen to Duck, that much chocolate can’t be good for you . One good thing about it is that you have confirmed that chocolate is affecting our dreams. :wink:

Tonight I will drink a cup of hot chocolate with a sandwich or something and 100 mg of Vitamin B6 to see what that will do cuz I heard that Vitamin B6 helps you get more vivid dreams. If anyone would like to clarify how exactly, you’re more than welcome.

coulterIV, your post put me into a laughing fit :grin: I’ve noticed the same things, more vivid, and simply realizing that I’m dreaming more easily. It’s sort of funny though, I never think, Wow, this is probably because of the pound of chocolate I ate last night, in the dream.

Oh yeah, I found a stash of dark chocolate from when my mom went to the Ukraine. I’ll try it again tonight.